Rumors of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson taking their work relationship to the next level have been spreading on the Internet like wildfire. Despite their constant denial, fans of the “Fifty Shades” films just can’t seem to separate work from real life. Now, a new report claims that the husband of Amelia Warner was allegedly not too happy after learning that his on-screen lady love met up with a hunky pal and may have led him to take a time off from the actress.

If Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are just plain friends, then why is the actor allegedly so bothered by the news?

The “Fifty Shades Freed” actress was previously spotted hanging out with a mystery man. While their outing looked nothing out of the ordinary, the pair shared a tight hug before going their separate ways that sparked romance rumors and supposedly made the 35-year-old Irish actor, model, and musician jealous.

Jamie Dornan moves on from Dakota Johnson?

Although this claim remains to be a speculation for now, there is truth to the other allegation that Jamie Dornan will take a time off from Dakota Johnson. However, this decision has nothing to do with the actress bonding with a male friend at all. Jamie is actually leaving “Fifty Shades” behind him to do some hard-hitting roles.

After the erotic novel turned movie became a part of his life for a couple of years, Jamie Dornan is now ready to portray new characters.

The actor is set to release a new movie with Peter Dinklage, “My Dinner with Hervé.” Unlike his iconic role Christian Grey, who was highly powerful and successful, Jamie’s character in the new movie is a struggling journalist.

Jamie ready for new roles after playing Christian Grey in all three installments

HBO recently shared the first photo of Jamie Dornan (Danny Tate) and Peter Dinklage (Herve Villechaize) in “My Dinner with Hervé.” The “Fifty Shades Freed” actor was seen sitting on the back seat of an open pink and white car, while the “Game of Thrones” star stood near him wearing an interesting floral button-down shirt and a pair of white pants.

It is widely known that the “Fifty Shades” films are based on E. L. James’ popular novels. “My Dinner with Hervé,” on the other hand, is based on the real life story of Hervé Villechaize.

The French actor starred in a couple of movies before taking his own life back in 1993 at the age of 50.

Jamie Dornan and Peter Dinklage’s new team-up, “My Dinner with Hervé,” will hit Irish cinemas later this year.