Just when everybody thought that things finally settled following the death of Zeref, Acnologia comes out of nowhere to spoil the party. The 539th chapter of Hiro Mashima’s "Fairy Tail" features the return of the Black Dragon Acnologia and the destruction that soon comes for the mages of Isgar and Magnolia.

Acnologia strikes back

Anna Heartfilia and Ichiya’s sacrifices prove to be in vain as Acnologia rips through the Time Portal. Erza and all the mages of Ishgar are shocked to see the Black Dragon hovering in the sky, but soon realize the true power of the ancient Dragon Slayer.

Acnologia apparently consumed all the magic in the time pocket, allowing him to escape and become a lot more powerful than before. Now even more powerful than before, he declares himself the Dragon King and then directs a fiery dragon roar toward Magnolia, vaporizing the mages’ town in an instant.

Hail the Dragon King

At last, Acnologia can now become a perfect dragon with his new power. Apparently, the earlier disappearance of Natsu has something to do with his presence, as all dragon slayers are afflicted by the Dragon King’s magic. Soon, Wendy, Gadgeel, Laxus, Sting and Rogue will vanish one by one and get transported to Acnologia’s dimension where his magic is overflowing.

“My power is overflowing.

It just feels like the time when I mastered the way of the dragon slayer. I have become even more supreme, and all in this world belongs to me,” Acnologia said upon returning from the time portal.

Natsu arrives in Acnologia’s world

Natsu arrives in Acnologia’s world with no clue where he is. He then hears a voice that leads him to Acnologia’s whereabouts.

The Black Dragon calls it the Space Between Time. Natsu, who vanquished his brother Zeref just to bring peace to Ishgar, now stares at the strongest Dragon ever, and the reason why he exists in the first place.

400 years ago, Zeref, Anna Heartfilia and the Dragon of Ishgar came up with a plan to send five Dragon Slayers to the present world where magic is supposed to be overflowing, enough for the Dragon Slayers to harness it and kill Acnologia.

Now that he’s actually facing the person who killed his foster father Igneel, will Natsu rise up to the challenge or succumb to the fear of facing an omnipotent entity?

More about the chapter

Chapter 539, titled "World Destruction" is the seventh to last chapter of the Fairy Tail manga series. It’s scheduled for release along with other Kodansha manga series in the Weekly Shonen Magazine on June 14. The next chapter is titled: "Harmony."