Donald Trump was first reported to be mulling for a White House shake-up in April, and since then, we have seen a few reshuffles, which included the departure of some staff members and the addition of new ones. Among the candidates for the reorganization is Sean Spicer, the current press secretary, who has been doing extra work after Mike Dubke stepped down from his role as the Communications Director.

Spicer behind the podium

According to CNN, Spicer's appearances for regular press briefings have decreased in the wake of White House shake-up plans.

Hence, Sarah Huckabee Sanders would often fill in his spot to update the media and entertain a few questions from them. When asked about the press secretary's absence, the Principal Deputy revealed Spicer's schedule has been hectic since Dubke left his post.

His absence behind the podium has raised a lot of speculation on whether he was appointed for a new White House role or if he was chosen to be the new Communications Director. An unnamed official, however, told the publication that Trump has yet to make a concrete decision on his proposed White House shake-up. It also added that the plan "seems chaotic" at the time being.

Who will replace Spicer if he leaves the podium?

A report from Politico claimed Spicer has been searching for candidates to be the next Press Secretary and Communications Director.

It further revealed that he is eyeing to pass his job to Laura Ingraham and Dubke's vacated position to David Martosko.

Sanders, on the other hand, has reportedly said that she is not interested in taking over Spicer's position. The Principal Deputy has emphasized that she was not promoted for the higher post and has only been filling the void while her senior is absent.

The proposed White House shake-up could end Spicer's five-month incumbency in the briefing room. But that does not mean we won't be seeing him from the White House. In fact, Politico further added that the current Press Secretary is reportedly vying to land a post higher than Communications Director.

Sanders has previously stated that the administration has been seeking inputs from several people, which is part of their plan to expand the communications operations.

She also confirmed that Spicer is currently handling both communications and press office at the moment.

All these reports came after the U.S. president expressed his strong desire for a reorganization, particularly within his communications team, in the wake of James Comey's dismissal as the FBI director.