"veep" on HBO has had a successful Emmy-filled run for the last six seasons. As the show heads into another year with a seventh season renewal, it looks like Selina Myers (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is coming full circle.

The rest of the characters on "Veep" have also expanded their story arcs as the show progressed. Given the changes -- both good and bad -- will season 7 be the final installment of the series? Is season 7 going to be the end of “Veep”?

Executive producer David Mandel told TV Line that the writers are certainly thinking about the end game at this point.

On any TV show, the seventh season is always a milestone and thinking of a fitting end is all about good foresight.

"We want to go out our way," David Mendel said. "We’re going to figure it out and hopefully announce something officially."

A do-over for Selina

But as hinted during the sixth season finale, Selina Myers is back in a familiar place. As with all second chances, it will be like a do-over for the embattled former president.

"Selina’s going to attempt to learn from her past mistakes," David Mendel told Variety on what's coming up for Julia Louis-Dreyfuss' character. "I think we’re going to see what she considers to be a new Selina and just what that means." Mendel also hinted that as part of Selina correcting her mistakes, she will likely cut some members of her staff or reduce their influence in her team.

It should be noted, however, that HBO renewed all of cast members’ contracts for one more year last spring. This means everyone from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, to Tony Hale (Gary Walsh) and Anna Chlumsky (Amy Brookeheimer), to Reid Scott (Dan Egan) or Matt Walsh (Mike McLintock) will be back in Washington, D.C. for “Veep” season 7.

Jonah vs. Selina

Fans of the show will likely be most eager to see a Jonah Ryan and Selina Myers showdown in the upcoming season as both are gunning for the most important position in the elections. Already, the writers of “Veep” have started Jonah’s campaign as a “Jonah For President” website went live right after the sixth season finale.

Veep,” while never a rating puller in all its six seasons, was always a critical darling. Julia Louis-Dreyfus won every Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Emmy on those years the actress was nominated. The show also bagged the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy for two years in a row, while Tony Hale won back-to-back Supporting Actor Emmys for his role as Selina Myer’s personal assistant.