Shortly after the complete cast of the "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 was confirmed, the Bachelor Nation received a shocking news that the show has been suspended. Two cast members allegedly engaged in misconduct during a production in Mexico.

'Bachelor in Paradise' canceled?

The fate of the fourth season of "Bachelor in Paradise" is still hanging after the incident, and there is no confirmation yet on whether Season 4 will push through given the circumstances. For now, the reality show's production is on temporary shut down while the investigations are still ongoing, an exclusive report from ET said.

A statement from Warner Bros that was released to ET on Sunday said that they are conducting a thorough investigation into the allegations. They will take the necessary actions once the process has been completed. Meanwhile, the cast was sent home immediately after a producer filed a complaint against the misconduct of some members.

Corinne and DeMario responsible?

According to ET, the show was filming in Mexico and everyone had been drinking all day, having fun, and trying to make connections with each other. Corinne reportedly approached DeMario on the pool, and they started talking and joking. However, things escalated quickly, with the two reportedly getting naked and too raunchy. One of the producers got uncomfortable with their acts and made a complaint on claims of misconduct at the workplace.

Olympios and Jackson were immediately sent home, and the rest of the cast was also spotted at the airport in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, on Sunday.

Despite the incident, Corinne and DeMario are reportedly in good terms, and they are both in speaking terms.

Meanwhile, people did not name the female contestant involved in the allegation, saying that she may have been too drunk to give consent to the act and is, therefore, a victim. Some of the contestants were reportedly upset with the crew because they just let things happen.

They could have stopped the woman from drinking too much, but instead, they just let it go.

Corinne was part of Nick Viall's "The Bachelor" Season 21 while Jackson is from Rachel Lindsay's "The Bachelorette" Season 13.

"Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 is scheduled to premiere on August 8. If the show pushes through, it is yet to be determined how the premiere will be affected.

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