Last Week, "The Bachelorette" ended with an annoying but predictable "To be continued..." With all the drama of week two, this wasn't too much of a surprise. Plus, fans got to see at least one elimination when DeMario's girlfriend (ex-girlfriend? current girlfriend?) showed up on Rachel's second group date.

Is DeMario gone for good though?

At the end of last week's episode, he was shown talking to a security guard and asking to get back into the house to talk to Rachel. The guard responded that he'd have to go talk to Chris Harrison to ask if DeMario could come back and explain what happened with his past relationship.

Apparently, Harrison and Lindsay agreed, because a recently released promo video for tonight's episode show Rachel and DeMario talking.

Basically, DeMario says something along the lines of, "I understand that your trust is something I might not be able to have right now," and that giving him a second chance will let him build that trust back up. Will Rachel buy into DeMario's monolog, or will she send him home once again?

'Whaboom' Guy's Fate

Next up? Lucas, a.k.a. 'Whaboom' Guy. Lucas has already gotten on many of the other guy's nerves, especially after he won the first group date of the season. ABC has released a preview video of a conversation in tonight's episode between Lucas and Rachel, showing Lucas trying to prove to Rachel that the drama in the house that seems to revolve around him really has nothing to do with him at all.

With lines like "I don't know if Blake has a crush on me" and claiming that he woke up one night with Blake standing over him peeling and eating a banana (excuse me, but what?) it's no surprise that Rachel's initial response is, "Is this real or is this a joke?"

Who Will Rachel Choose?

Here's to hoping that Lucas only stays on the show for a few more episodes and that Rachel doesn't buy into DeMario's redemption speech.

At least we know that Peter will stay on the show, as he received a rose in his one-on-one with Rachel during week two. Hopefully, it's a good sign that he got the first one-on-one date of the season. He seems like a good guy who loves dogs, which makes a perfect pairing for Rachel. Oh, by the way, Copper's injury has finally been explained after being ignored in the first two episodes.

Rachel finally tweeted after last week that he broke his toe.

So, here's hoping for a good rose ceremony and another great opening scene of Rachel and Copper hanging out. Honestly, that's what's getting me through this season so far.