After the introductory part of "The Bachelorette" featuring Rachel Lindsay, the May 29 episode formally marked the beginning of the competition between the lawyer's 31 handsome suitors. But more than the excitement for the rivalry, viewers were left speechless when Rachel confronted one of the contenders for "lying" about his relationship.

'Get the f--k out.'

Apparently, a certain Lexi claimed she is still in a relationship with one of Rachel's suitors. The woman was referring to DeMario Jackson, an executive recruiter from California, who was leading during the group date.

Although they have not been in contact for the past few days, Lexi claimed she never broke up with DeMario until she saw him on the show last Week.

The woman even said her boyfriend still has the keys to her apartment, accusing "The Bachelorette" contestant of lying. Rachel, on the other hand, has decided to hear both sides of the story and asked DeMario over to meet her and Lexi.

Upon entering the gym, the contestant played it coy and asked who was the other woman. Moments later, DeMario admitted he met her several times long before he joined "The Bachelorette." He even branded Lexi a "psycho," insisting that his relationship with her is over.

Meanwhile, Lexi swore his claims are not true. She even revealed that something happened to them the last time DeMario was at her apartment.

After hearing both of them, Rachel asked her suitor if he is telling the truth which compelled him to admit that he and Lexi "had sexual intercourse" before.

"The Bachelorette" lead then checked the woman's phone and turned to slam the contestant for lying. The lawyer candidly said she has "no idea" why she has chosen DeMario over other hopefuls.

'I'm not here to be played.'

The 31-year-old lawyer made herself clear that she did not join "The Bachelorette" to be fooled by people like DeMario. Hence, Rachel asked the contestant to "get the f--k out" and stormed out of the gym crying.

Although she was hurt upon learning that her suitor lied about his relationship, the lead was somehow relieved to send him home at this early stage of the competition.

But a day after the confrontation, DeMario showed up at the cocktail party and joined the rest of the contestants and Rachel.

During his chat with Chris Harrison, the executive recruiter admitted he screwed things up and described the confrontation as "one of the lows" of his life.