It seems that the party is still not over as Angelina Jolie was spotted this Friday spending quality time with her children in a park. The actress treats her children Vivian and Shiloh to roller skating, while Zahara is seen with a box of Hot Tamales. All of them have been busy celebrating Shiloh’s birthday, who turned to 11 on May 27, 2017.

And the party has not stopped for Jolie and her kids – all of them hit up a skating ring in California and spent hours together. Angelina brought her children and a couple of friends to the Los Angeles park where they enjoyed all rides and had snacks with soft drinks.

Angelina Jolie and her children

The 41-year-old had worn a gray shawl over her black outfit. She complimented her looks with skinny jeans and high heels. Jolie looked amazing and gorgeous in a simple ponytail and did not wear any makeup. Zahara, her 12-year-old child, entered the family park with a box of cinnamon candies in her hands. This two-pound box consisted of fourteen to fifteen snack packs, enough to share with her friends and siblings.

Angelina Jolie, on the other hand, tried her best to make the children forget about their dad. She brought a couple of close friends, relatives, and of course, her five children to the Los Angeles park. A few weeks ago, Brad Pitt told GQ magazine that Jolie has failed to be a good mother. She does not pay attention to her children and is instead focusing on her career.

Her appearance in California with her kids came immediately after Pitt’s interview. The two separated their ways in September 2016 as things did not work in this relationship. Since then, Jolie and Pitt frequently visit their children in the hostel and bring them out for some days after getting persimmon from school authorities.

What does Brad Pitt say?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith” star says that he broke up with Jolie as she is a selfish lady. She does not like to spend time with her children and is rather busy in her films. You must be aware of the fact that it was Jolie who filed for a divorce following an alleged altercation on a private jet between Pitt and their son Maddox – the case was closed without any charge, but Brad faced a lot of obstacles from Child Services when he tried to regain access to his children.

The actor reveals that he has since quit smoking and alcohol, and wants to become a responsible father. He admits that he loves to spend time with his children, and wants to see them successful in their life.

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