Model and social activist Amber Rose continues to ruffle the feathers of the public, as she finally responded to comments on the photo she posted on June 10. The photo that earned her a lot of attention on social media was of her lounging on a stairs, wearing nothing but a bikini top, a choker, shades, and fur coat. She was not wearing any underwear and instead was flaunting her unshaved private parts. She posted the racy photo to promote Slut Walk, an awareness campaign for sexual injustice and gender inequality. Rose's Slut Walk and the way she has been promoting it on social media has raised eyebrows, given that it seems she's using her naked body to avoid sexual harassment, an irony if one will.

Model receives backlash from Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has been known for his strong opinions and tactless statements, and he recently was the subject of Amber Rose's Twitter tirade when he shared singer/songwriter Pink's message about women empowerment. In Pink's statement, she encouraged women to use "their brains, their strength, their work ethic, their talent, their 'magic' that they were born with" instead of their body and their "tits and asses" to raise awareness about issues that matter to them. Morgan shared it on Twitter, tagging Rose. Rose then went on to share photos of Pink half naked, showing off her breasts, with the caption, "Here's Pink looking very confident, happy, free and gorgeous tf are you really talking about?" She also shared Adam Levine's famous naked photo in which only his then girlfriend's hands were covering his private parts.

Mother of one responds to criticism about showing off her body on social media

According to Oxygen, Amber Rose spoke out about how parents are reacting to her posting racy content on Twitter and other social media. The 33-year old explained, "I highly suggest the parents and the uncles and the aunts out there really watch what these young kids look at because I'm not trying to influence your child." She added that she's not bothered by other parents commenting that how could she post such content when she herself is a parent.

She commented, "My son literally sees me naked all day long. Constantly. It's not weird to him. I'm his mother. Just like you've seen your mother naked. You've seen your moms naked."

Slut Walk will happen on October 1 in Pershing Square, Los Angeles. To learn more, visit and check out Amber Rose's recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked below.