This week on the "young and the restless, spoilers reveal that Adam is going to make a return. Apparently, fans are starting to be curious about what will happen if Adam Newman is back on his character. Most of the viewers are suspecting the idea that Chelsea will become happy seeing her husband return.

However, it looks as if a little trouble is brewing considering that Chelsea is currently involved with his brother Nick. Meanwhile, Dina will arrive in Genoa City, and she will leave her children in surprise.

Sharon and Adam will end up together?

It has been a few months since Adam was pronounced dead and it is sad to note that his wife has already moved on with his brother.

Apparently, such situation isn't going to be easy and pretty. However, spoilers reveal that what happened between Adam and Chelsea is somehow a blessing in disguise to Sharon. Both of them have been known sharing a history together. Right now, Sharon has been going through rough situations for the past few months with her husband, Dylan.

Sharon has been alone and broken, and her life has turned into pieces. It looks like Sharon wanted to move on with Scott but on the other hand, Abby has decided that she wants to have Scott all by herself. Sharon will have to lose him again for Abby. Despite it all, spoilers tease that Adam and Sharon might get back together. As Adam returns, he has now plans of facing the divorce with his wife.

If it happens soon, Sharon might make her life a little easier now especially if she will have someone who will love her back.

However, it is still not certain whether Sharon will find her way to make all these things easy. But further, Chelsea will be shocked as her non-dead husband will come back and will call their marriage a quit.

Dina arrives back in Genoa City

Jack and Ashley are both having a difficult memory in the past. The two will be shocked as Dina arrives back in Genoa City for a certain announcement.

Spoilers reveal that Ashley will be stunned as she went home and saw someone standing in their living room. Dina will tell Ashley that she wanted to catch up for the several years after being away.

However, instead of surprising and happy, Ashley will turn her mother away. She still can't forget how Dina lied about their father during her entire childhood.

Further, spoilers reveal that Ashley was hurt considering that Dina didn't bother to come back for John's funeral.

As the "Young and the Restless" continues, the siblings are not sure on how they will handle things as their mother returns. On the other hand, even though he admits that Dina has hurt him in the past, Jack admitted that he still wanted to give Dina another chance.

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