Trisha Yearwood was like most of the world this Monday night. The singer with one of the most renowned voices in country music was occupied with the business of life, with lots of reason to celebrate. Trisha Yearwood was the chosen performer to offer the national anthem for the Nashville Predators’ National Hockey League playoff game. Very predictably, she had perfect pitch while pouring her heart into the patriotic moment. That passion made all the difference, because the hometown team won their game, and will be going for their first Stanley Cup in the franchise’s 19-year history.

Just across the Atlantic, 24,000 fans were cheering and jubilant for a different reason in Manchester, England. Teens, tweens, parents, and pals were celebrating a long-anticipated and saved for a show from Ariana Grande. The evening had ended, and fans were departing under the afterglow when the devastating IED attack struck, leaving dear memories shredded in death and devastation. A somber Trisha Yearwood shared her heartfelt impression of the tragedy on “Today” with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford.

Still piecing together the pain

“Even this morning, I feel like I'm still learning new information,” Trisha described of the tragic news that was first disclosed after her time on the ice last night.

The reality that the truth comes in only bits and pieces and blurbs make the pain of not knowing more jarring. This morning, teen girls still wearing their concert T-shirts were collected together, some with their mothers, some still waiting for news of family and friends, at a hotel near the venue. “Music is a healer,” Yearwood affirmed.

“It's that place of safety, and where people go to escape these kind of things,” she elaborated, only making the shattered memories for so many more difficult to bear.

While these incidents seem to only be becoming more pervasive, as reminders that “we live in a different world,” according to Trisha, music is timeless and another constant reminder of the good things in life.

“There can always be more precautions,” the singer stressed, but the idea of complete safety has vanished in today’s conceptions. Music becomes an even more treasured haven in times of great hurt, and the 23-year-old Manchester headliner is in pain most cannot imagine even though she is not at all to blame. Ariana Grande has now suspended her tour, reportedly “in hysterics” following the tragedy. Hopefully, time can bring healing to her, and she can return to the stage, bringing the youthful fun and spirit that lifts her followers. Trisha Yearwood is currently on a world tour herself with husband, Garth Brooks. There's always a little time for twirling a Predators’ towel with her buddy, Eddie George.

Good memories keep everyone going.

Songs to soothe a hurting heart

Many of the songs most loved by Trisha Yearwood center on love, faith, home, and all that matters most in life. “Down on My Knees,” “XXX’s And OOO’s,” and “Let the Wind Chase You” all resonate with life and love, along with “Heaven, Heartache, and the Power of Love.” That’s something that anyone can sing to and cling to through these trials and tumult.

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