In a news that comes as a disappointment to fans, "Timeless" has been canceled by NBC after just one season. "Timeless" Season 1 left several cliffhangers during the finale, and co-creator Eric Kripke said they are working on finding a new home for the series.

No wide audience

NBC's cancellation of "Timeless" after Season 1 is attributed to the failure of the drama to gain a wide number of audience. This is despite the great reviews, excellent actors performance, and respectable DVR ratings. It boils down to financial performance, although the network did not actually lose money with the show's modest ratings, as reported by Deadline.

Co-creator Shawn Ryan wrote on Twitter that there were a lot of things to be considered to renew "Timeless," but the flow of money emerged on top of the reasons that led to the show's cancellation. Ryan confirmed Kripke's tweet regarding finding a new home for the series, but it doesn't sound too optimistic. Still, the creators are counting on the love from fans and hope to be able to bring back "Timeless" for Season 2.

Stars and creators heartbroken

The cancellation of the time-travel drama is a heartbreaking news for the "Timeless" stars and creators. There were hopeful signs earlier this year that NBC would renew the series for another season. During the TCA in January, NBC Entertainment president Jenifer Salke told Deadline that the network really likes "Timeless" and they were actually surprised that it did not settle at a high number of live viewerships.

Creators Kripke and Ryan posted a series of tweets confirming that the show has been axed. They also said they were heartbroken and upset, but they thanked NBC's Bob Greenblatt and Jen Salke for the call to explain the decision regarding the series.

"Timeless" stars Matt Lanter, Abigail Spencer and Malcolm Barrett took to social media to share their reactions to the cancellation.

With Lanter also hoping that Sony TV would be successful in shopping the show to another network. He expressed gratitude to Kripke and Ryan, as well as to his co-stars, the writers, and the fans.

Spencer also tried to remain positive that they will be in for another adventure and thanked the "Timeless" family. Barrett, meanwhile, posted a clip of a scene with his character bursting through the door with a gun, and added a caption “how you feel inside when they cancel Timeless.”

For now, fans could only hope another network would pick up the show, and that a "Timeless" Season 2 would find its way back to the television.