"The Walking Dead" is one of the most popular TV shows and the actors get a lot of attention. This is especially true on social media. However, sometimes viewers can get too passionate and forget that the actors are just people playing a part. Then, there are the bullies and trolls that slink out and attack the actors. Last week, Josh McDermitt quit social media after being cyber-bullied. It looks like Alanna Masterson has done the same. She closed her Instagram account, but not before telling bullies off for their comments about her weight.

Alanna Masterson body shamed

Even though the actors that play Tara Chamblers and Eugene Porter were both cyber-bullied, the attacks were different. McDermitt was getting grief over the actions of his "TWD" character. With Masterson, ComicBook.com reported that trolls bullied the actress because of her weight.

'The Walking Dead' actress fights back

Before quitting Instagram, Alanna Masterson typed a long message to her followers. It was directed at those who were criticizing her because of her body size. As most fans know, "The Walking Dead" star recently gave birth to a child. She reminded the trolls that not only is she a new mom, but she also works long hours, and performs her own stunts on the zombie apocalypse television show.

'TWD' fans react

Most people were disappointed, but understood why Masterson quit Instagram. It wasn't because her feelings were hurt. The actress left the social networking site because she is a busy woman and doesn't have time to deal with bullies. Season 8 of "The Walking Dead" has just begun filming. In addition to parenting and memorizing scripts, she is also spending several hours a day in front of the camera.

Celebs leaving social media

Alanna Masterson and Josh Mcdermitt are not the only celebrities to quit social media. Many others in the entertainment industry have done the same thing. Sometimes it's due to bullying, but not always. A desire for privacy and being too busy to keep up with comments from fans are two reasons why some celebs go on a "social media vacation."

Social media responsibility

We have the freedom to access information at our fingertips.

We can find out what the stars are doing each day by looking at what they post. Some celebrities even interact with their followers on social networking sites. However, with that freedom comes responsibility. Eventually, people will begin to face consequences if such behavior continues.