"The Walking Dead" ended with Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) going to Hilltop Colony to ask Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) for her help. She wants revenge against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) for killing Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz). Sasha seemed like she was on board, but will their plan backfire? Will it ruin everything Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) has tried to do to prepare for war?

Rosita's fury on 'The Walking Dead'

Before Negan killed Abraham on "TWD," he broke up with Rosita. She didn't understand why because it seemed so sudden. She later found out that it was because he had feelings for Sasha.

Before the two could begin a relationship, Negan killed Abraham and Glenn (Steven Yeun). Even though under normal circumstances, the women would be at war, this has led them to share a common interest.

Their common ground is that they are both grieving the loss of Abraham, the man they loved. "The Walking Dead" characters also want vengeance for his death. This has led Rosita to come up with a plan, but she needs Sasha's help.

Will the plan backfire?

On the most recent episode of "Talking Dead," guest and superfan Yvette Nicole Brown thinks it is a horrible idea. In a poll, 92% of fans agree that it will backfire. The question is, will Negan kill Rosita, Sasha, or both women? Or will he take out his rage on Rick Grimes and the other Alexandrians?

Rosita's pity party?

Brown also said that Rosita Espinosa is acting like she is the only one who lost someone. Negan and the Saviors are responsible for several deaths in Season 7 of "The Walking Dead." Abraham was not the only one who died or who has suffered. Remember, Glenn Rhee also died and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) is dealing with his death and she is also pregnant with his child.

Olivia (Ann Mahoney) and Spencer Monroe (Austin Nichols) also lost their lives.

What do you think of Rosita's plan and her petitioning Sasha for help? Will they kill Negan on "The Walking Dead?" Or will their plan cause more problems for Rick Grimes and the members of his community?