On the last episode of "The Walking Dead," Michonne thought she lost Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) forever. It turned out not to be true, but it was an important moment for the character. On a recent episode of "Talking Dead," executive producer Denise Huth and actress Danai Gurira spoke about why it was so important.

'Richonne' focus of Season 7, Episode 12

In the "TWD" episode titled "Say Yes," Rick and Michonne were the focus. The apocalyptic zombie couple was on a road trip. When they stumbled upon a school carnival with shell casings, they knew there were guns nearby.

The episode had Walker slaying, intimate moments, and Michonne facing her worst fear.

Rick and Michonne's relationship

In the first half of Season 7, "Richonne" did not see eye to eye about Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors. However, Andrew Lincoln's character views things differently now. In recent episodes of "The Walking Dead," the couple is united and is stronger than ever.

Michonne's horrifying moment in 'The Walking Dead.'

Last Sunday, Rick Grimes fell from a carnival ride. When Michonne went to make sure he was okay, she came across several walkers surrounding a dead deer. She instantly thought it was him and completely froze. The woman who is always alert and in control stood motionless and then dropped her sword.

She could have lost her life. Thankfully, Rick suddenly appeared and saved the day.

Why it was important for Danai Gurira's character

Seeing Michonne in her terrified state is important because it is rare, according to Denise Huth and Danai Gurira. She always has a backup plan, but she didn't have one when possibly losing Rick.

When she had that moment, is brought her back to reality. She had to face the fact that once the war against Negan and the Saviors begins, they could possibly lose each other. It isn't a pleasant thought, but something that she needs to prepare herself for.

What do you think of what executive producer Denise Huth and actress Danai Gurira had to say about Rick and Michonne on "The Walking Dead?"