We can all agree that the golden era of cartoons is over, and it has been over for well over a decade. For nearly half a century, Warner Bros and Hanna Barbara worked on creating some of the most memorable cartoon characters in the history of pop-culture.

Most of these characters have even stood the test of time, which is why a few are being picked out for big-screen adaptations. The most recent legendary name to join this list is “The Jetsons”, a hit animated series about a futuristic family dealing with their distant-future problems.

In The Pipeline

“The Flintstones” and “The Jetsons” are two cartoons that have become synonymous with one another. While the former looked at life in the stone-age, the latter examined our existence in the cosmos (and the possible threat of a grumpy boss even in the space-age).

While “The Flintstones” has already received two big-screen, live-action adaptations (one of which even featured the likes of John Goodman), “The Jetsons” hasn’t been quite as lucky in this regard.

The reason behind this could probably be the fact that it is much easier to build the sets of a pre-historic period than the one involving a civilization in space. While CGI and technology now allow us to make that leap and create a proper live-action adaptation for “The Jetsons”, the powers that be have decided to stick to creating an Animated Film, thereby staying true to the source material.

What to expect

Robert Rodriguez was initially considered as the leading name to hold the helm of the live-action version of “The Jetsons”, but now that the project is taking the animated route, a person with relevant experience has been tied down to the project.

Conrad Vernon, the co-director of the recent controversial adult animated feature “Sausage Party”, has been given the responsibility of developing “The Jetsons” film.

Vernon has had quite a run during the course of his career with animated films, already having worked on titles such as “Shrek 2” and “Madagascar 3”. There is no doubt that he is the man for this job, although we know very little so far about the minds who will be lending him a helping hand in this endeavor.

It is safe to say though that plenty of people around the world will be excited to hear about “The Jetsons” film finally hitting the developmental stage. The cartoon has accumulated a tremendous fan base over the years, and it will be exciting to see a modern adaptation of this familiar story.