"The Bachelorette" spoilers reveal that Rachel Lindsay will recognize one of her contestants immediately. Is this a new theme that the show is putting out for fans? In case you forgot, Nick Viall was thrown a curve ball in the first "Bachelor" episode when Liz Sandoz stepped out of one of the limos. The two had a one-night stand during Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding in 2016, but never reconnected after the incident. Producers arranged to have her in one of the limos on night one of Nick's season to see how he'd react. For the second season in a row, the franchise is sending in someone the lead has a history with, but doesn't expect to see on the show.

Familiar face shows up on night one

"Bachelorette" contestant, fred, meets Rachel and she immediately recognizes him. Us Weekly reports that Rachel was his camp counselor 15 years ago. She said in an interview that she couldn't believe Fred was there and that she "knew exactly who he was" when he got out of the limo. Lindsay recalls him as being a "very bad kid."

According to Fred's bio on ABC, he's an executive assistant. Reality Steve wrote in his cast spoilers that Fred Johnson lives in LA and works in the TV and film industry with Chernin Entertainment. The contestant also has a Masters degree in Business and Fine Arts. Whatever trouble he caused 15 years ago, it seems that he's doing well now and is quite accomplished.

Reality Steve gave a few more details from his viewing of the premiere episode. He shared that Rachel was an eighth grader and Fred was a third grader when she was his counselor him. She remembers him always getting into trouble. Despite the awkward history, Fred shows her a yearbook and it's revealed that he's always had a crush on her.

Is Fred eliminated in first episode?

It's unclear how far Fred will go on "The Bachelorette," but spoilers for the first episode don't mention him being eliminated. There are eight contestants who say goodbye, but Fred isn't one of them. It should be interesting to see how long a kid Rachel once helped in camp will stick around.

At least having a familiar face this season isn't attributed to a one-night stand, unlike Nick's experience. Nick and Liz's situation didn't go anywhere and she went home after a few episodes. The situation for Rachel and Fred is less serious mostly due to the fact their past revolved around them being kids ... and there was no sleeping together. In that regard, it's a little less complicated. No hard feelings or a need for closure will exist between these two!