The famous actor, Sylvester Stallone, has joined hands with the comedy king, Jackie Chan, for a new movie titled “Ex-Baghdad.”

The two veterans will share the screen in a brand new film based on a novel of the same name by Barney Ross. Chan is set to play a private security contractor who is tasked to rescue workers after a Chinese refinery is attacked, while Sylvester will play a former Marine officer who attempts to stop the intruders from stealing an affluence of oil.

Sylvester Stallone as an actor

Sylvester is famous for his tough guy roles, starting out as the most beloved underdog Rocky Balboa.

He is best known for his works in “Rocky,” “Rambo,” “The Expendables,” and other films.

His movie “Rocky” was inducted into the National Film Registry and earned him the nickname Rocky Steps. In 1977, he received two Academy Awards nominations for his incredible work in “Rocky,” and became the third actor to receive two nominations for the same movie, following Orson Welles and Charles Chaplin.

“Ex-Baghdad” is expected to release in winter 2019, and the production will begin this August. This thriller film is directed by Scott Waugh and scripted by Arash Amel. The story revolves around two ex-special forces officers who are tasked to save a group of young men from Chinese criminals. The film will be developed with an estimated budget of $80 million, and Sparkle Roll Media and Talent International Media acquire the distribution rights.

In addition to his acting career, Stallone has worked as a singer. He sang “Too Close to Paradise” in 1978, and used to work for the band of Bill Conti.

For “Rhinestone,” he sang "Drinkenstein" and made the news.

Jackie Chan in an international film

It's not the first time when Jackie Chan is playing the leading character in a Hollywood film.

“Ex-Baghdad” casts him as a brave officer who protects a Chinese oil refinery in Iraq from the terrorists. During his mission, Chan realizes that he cannot work alone, so he teams up with Stallone to stop the attackers from their evil mission.

Born in April 1954, Chan is a famous martial artist, director, producer, and actor. In 2016, Forbes estimated his net worth to be $360 million. He has worked in over 160 local and international films and received various awards. Chan rose to prominence with his works in “Hand of Death,” “New Fist of Fury,” “Snake in the Eagle's Shadow,” “Drunken Master,” “Spiritual Kung Fu,” “The Fearless Hyena,” “The Big Brawl,” and “The Cannonball Run.”