Everything is set for the 2017 NBA Finals starting the very first day of June. Already fans are looking forward to the third consecutive championship clash between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. There’s been a lot of awe for the Warriors as they became the first team in NBA history to go 12-0 in the playoffs, and Cleveland’s race to face them was nothing to sneeze at either. As the two rivals prep for their Finals rematch, Disney and Marvel Studios have decided to cash in on the hype. They’re doing it by creating a nifty and humorous Tv Spot for their next MCU film “Spider-Man Homecoming.

Stark’s NBA Finals party

The TV spot, running only half a minute long, is yet another hype moment for Spider-Man’s first solo film as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Purported to take place sometime before the events of “Homecoming,” we see Tony Stark/Iron Man (played as always to perfection by RDJ) at Avengers Tower in New York, hashing out details for his NBA Finals Party with his buddy and chauffeur Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau). There’s some laugh-inducing miscommunication going on, with Happy assuming that Tony’s “sophisticated” party precludes inviting his boss’s “protégé” Spider-Man. Stark corrects him then shushes him out when Happy can’t pick out a good business suit for Stark.

Out in the hall, Happy confers with Stark AI Friday on the guests to send invites to and quickly shoots down Steve “Captain America” Rogers as “too soon” (after “CA: Civil War”).

The online invites are sent and one quickly pops up in the smartphone of Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland). He squeals at getting invited to watch the Warriors vs. Cavs over at Mr. Stark’s place. Then he swings away, leaving behind a mugger he had webbed up to a wall with an ad logo for the 2017 NBA Finals broadcast on ABC.

Anticipation building

Spider-Man: Homecoming”, which premieres in theaters July 7, stars Tom Holland as Spider-Man, fighting New York street crime in the wake of “Captain America: Civil War” while being mentored by Downey’s Iron Man and attending a science high school as Peter Parker. Matters come to a head when he must face off against the super-villain Vulture (Michael Keaton) while worrying about the school homecoming dance.

Jon Watts directs for Marvel Studios.

But before that happens, there will be plenty enough excitement as Golden State and Cleveland take on each other again for the 2017 NBA Finals, seven games across June 1 to 18.