"Once Upon A Time" fans received shocking news. Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma Swan, will not be returning for season 7. Even though viewers are disappointed and outraged, executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz teased that her exit doesn't mean the Savior is gone forever. They teased that she could pop up again in the near future.

Jennifer Morrison quits 'OUAT'

According to "Variety," the actress who plays Emma Swan has decided not to continue with the fairy tale drama. The news comes right after it was announced that writers might be taking the television show in a new direction.

It will be difficult to imagine Storybrooke without Emma, since she is the star of the show.

On Instagram, Jennifer Morrison wrote a statement about her decision to leave "Once Upon A Time." Even though she has enjoyed being on the ABC series, she feels it is time for her to move on to other things. The actress explained that personally and creatively, it is time for her to leave. The executive producers did try to convince her to stay and wanted her to continue as a series regular. Unfortunately, Morrison had her mind made up.

Most viewers are sad to hear that Morrison is leaving "OUAT." Others are angry, even threatening to boycott the show. However, once an actress has decided to pursue other projects, there really is no way to force her to stay.

As they say in the entertainment industry, the show must go on - and it will. Season 7 will definitely be different without Emma, but fans will have to wait and see how the writers handle it.

'Once Upon A Time' bosses tease that the Savior could return

In an interview, the executive producers teased that Morrison's exit doesn't mean the Savior won't be seen again.

Jennifer Morrison also echoed this statement, telling fans that she has agreed to appear in one episode during season 7. It will probably be an episode that will explain Emma's absence. However, to make fans happy, the storyline will have to be crafted carefully. As for Morrison, she said on social media that she will continue to attend fan conventions, as long as her schedule allows it.

What do you think of Jennifer Morrison leaving "Once Upon A Time"? How will the writers handle season 7 of "OUAT" without Emma Swan? Will fans continue to watch the TV show? Is there any hope for another season without the Savior making a regular appearance?