The season finale for "Quantico" will be aired soon, and a teaser released recently shows that the finale may also be Alex's last episode. The episode titled "Resistance" shows that Alex Parrish has put herself, yet again, in extreme danger.

The official synopsis of the finale says that Alex and her team continue to fight against the Collaborators at the Constitutional Convention. A new Constitutional amendment threatens every American and their freedom. Many viewers agree that after a confusing and dragging start, "Quantico" has finally released the most heart-pumping episodes yet.

President Roarke's executive order

Previously, former Speaker of the House Henry Roark, now President Roarke, started his duty by signing executive orders. Rourke is seriously making sure his that dark agenda gets done. "Quantico" season 2 episode 21 titled "Rainbow" ended with President Roarke giving a speech about the the special agents stopped the terrorist attacks while destroying the CIA and FBI to let the country rally into a national unity.

President Roarke's ploy will let him overthrow the constitution. Alex then said that whether they are heroes or villains, Roarke still wins. She then asks the team if they want to be a terrorist. A lot of critics say that "Quantico" season two episode 21 is the best and most thrilling episode of this current season yet.

The second season was off to a slow start, but it did it's best to save the best episodes for last. Now, we just have to see if Alex and the team will be able to stop Roarke.

The price of being a patriot

"Quantico" season two episode 22 will show Alex and the team continues to battle the Collaborators while also trying to stop the President. Roarke's amendments are going to threaten the lives of every American.

The season finale will show that the task force still does not have a clue about the real agenda of the Collaborators, but they know for sure that they have to keep Roarke from changing the Constitution for his own personal gain.

The recently released teaser for the "Quantico" season two finale shows that the task force somehow managed to do a live stream of Alex talking directing to the American people to let them know about Roarke's evil plans.

The teaser show her saying, "Our president is a criminal. So resist. Fight back." Just when she said the last word, she gets shot. There was a scene in the teaser showing Ryan crying his eyes out. Will Alex make it out alive? Find out when the "Quantico" season two finale airs on May 15.

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