Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. That line holds true to Broadway actress Patti Lupone, who dropped outspoken comments about President Donald Trump, the Kardashians, and Madonna’s acting. In an interview on “Show People With Paul Wontorek” on Broadway Channel, the Tony-award winning actress fired flaming words to the president with calling him different expletive names.

On Donald Trump

Patti LuPone did not even have the slightest hesitation when criticizing Trump. As a part of her role in her latest musical “War Paint” and for a larger narrative that includes popular trends such as live-action musicals, selfies and the like, the discussion went on to Trump.

She even pointed out that what the President is doing right now is equivalent to committing treason. After Lupone’s fiery comment about Trump, she mentioned the surrounding circumstances on the alleged Trump’s sharing of classified information to Sergey Lavarov, the foreign minister of Russia.

At the end of her comment, the 68-year old stage actress said that Trump should face the court and be imprisoned if proven guilty of treason. The Broadway icon is definitely angry with these recent issues, blaming the leader of the country for compromising the welfare of the nation. LuPone also questioned what the citizens of the United States of America are doing and how long this tolerance of wicked deeds will stop.

Do not cry, Madonna

After Trump, in the same interview, Wontorek asked Patti LuPone about her to comment on Madonna’s performance in playing the role of Evita Peron.

The stage actress was the first one who played the titular character in 1979, which was the premiere Broadway run of the musical. The broadway star commented that Madonna could not act. She elaborated that the pop icon is a wonderful performer but she is not an actress. There was no single doubt in the being of the popular theater actress when she let out this comments and she even said that she does not regret saying those words.

That is her point, truly there are some people that can act and there are some that just can’t.

Can’t keep up with the Kardashians

The theater actress also expressed her opinion about the Kardashians. The theater actress is a bit disgusted about the popularity of the clan, which for her is not worthy. She also added that if people are basing the standards of intelligence to them, then the society is really deteriorating.

When asked about RuPaul, the “Life Goes On” actress stated that though she is not a fan of drag racing but she surely loves RuPaul. Patti LuPone also praised Rachel Bloom and the “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” of CW. For her, the musical show was just amazing in pulling songs into the scenes.

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