After #TheVampireDiaries star Ian Somerhalder and wife Nikki Reed announced their first baby, the couple once again showed their love to each other by celebrating Reed's 29th birthday. While the shout-out which Somerhalder posted was only on Instagram, one can feel the heartfelt gesture of the actor. During "The Vampire Diaries" era, the couple experienced plenty of issues pertaining to Somerhalder's previous relationship with Nina Dobrev. Now, everything was silenced when the trio addressed the problem on social media as they posted individual photos on social media while having dinner together.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed's relationship is getting stronger

Moreover, there are lots of reasons to celebrate as the 38-year-old actor gives a sweet message to his wife on her special day. Along with adorable photos, Somerhalder wrote, "Happy Birthday to the most amazing human I know... Today, we celebrate you. For an innumerable amount of reasons, I couldn't even begin to describe, as all of those who know you and those who even don't know you, would agree. It's your day."

Ian Somerhalder continued to say his sweet words describing Nikki Reed as someone who has been true to him since day one. The actor did not hold back his emotions ending the message with thoughts sharing that he is constantly reminded of his wife's beauty and prowess, and how lucky he is to share this life with Reed.

Furthermore, the couple will be taking a bigger step in the future as they welcome the new part of their family.

Reed's pregnancy announcement

Once again, Reed expressed her feelings on Instagram about her growing baby bump. She was surprised how it is possible for someone to love so much even before seeing the baby with her own eyes. While they have been sharing one body for quite some time, the actress-turned-designer believed that they already experienced so much together.

On the other hand, her husband shared on Instagram as well that having a baby is the most powerful and beautiful moment that happened to him after 38 years of living. In addition to more celebrations, the couple recently celebrated their second Wedding Anniversary last April. Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder truly showed everyone that love works beyond what anyone can imagine.

The couple got officially married last April 2015 in Santa Monica, California. According to previous reports, at their wedding, they encouraged guests to donate to an animal rescue charity.

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