Who could forget that glorious moment when the Avengers assembled together for the first time on the big screen? Even watching Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman bring down a CGI monstrosity was quite a bit of fun. Now it’s the turn of “The Defenders” - the first proper small screen superhero ensemble, and boy does the trailer look like a lot of fun.

An intriguing combination

We have seen Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist receive proper, season-long introductions on Netflix so far. While Daredevil and Jessica Jones were widely well-received, Luke Cage received mixed reviews while Iron first took the brunt of this ambitious endeavor

Despite the varying degrees of success each of these shows received, there is no doubt that it was all working towards a bigger picture - the creation of “The Defenders.” The common link between all four shows was Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple - the nurse with a heart of gold.

Using this character, Netflix and Marvel managed to interlock the superheroes and their eventual fate was sealed.

What to expect

So far, we have only received snippets of the action from “The Defenders,” but Netflix finally released a proper two-minute trailer last week, and it was quite glorious. We got to see the heroes in action together for the first time, and this was a big moment for fans of the Netflix series.

We also got to see the alter egos of the superheroes interact with one another as civilians trying to fend off a large threat and attempt to keep each others' identities a secret. Even the minimal dialogue in the trailer gave us a sense of the tone we can expect in the upcoming eight-episode miniseries.

A lot of characters from the standalone series will be making an appearance in "The Defenders" as well. These include the likes of Misty Knight from "Luke Cage," Elektra from "Daredevil" and of course the ever-delightful Karen and Foggy (Matt's closest friends).

All in all, the trailer offered us a glimpse of the action to follow in the coming months.

Marvel and Netflix are already working on the third season of “Daredevil," and the second seasons of “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage.” Even "The Punisher's” first season is already in the production stage, so the first season of “The Defenders” will only be a major stepping stone for a whole lot of stories to follow in the coming years. At least fans can be happy that a genuinely strong superhero ensemble has found a home on the small screen. You can catch the epic trailer below.