Hey, "Pretty Little Liars" fans. We were able to get our hands on two new sneak peek clips (below) for the episode 17 and they look very intense and dramatic. Hanna is seen freaking out when talking with Emily. Aria is spotted in another compromising situation. Spencer definitely gets caught in a bind while in her car and much more!

Emily tells her to breathe

The first clip starts off by giving us a glimpse at a very intense scene that involves Spencer. Then they cut to a brief scene that shows Spencer getting attacked in her car by Mary Drake. It definitely doesn't look good for her. Will she get out of this sticky situation?

Or is she forever doomed?

It's definitely going to be interesting to see how that whole storyline plays out. Next, we're shown a pretty dramatic conversation between Emily and Hanna. Emily tries to tell her to breathe and calm down but she isn't having any of that.

Aria scenes

After that, we see Aria in action. They tell us that her secret is A.D.'s weapon. In one of the Aria scenes, she's seen saying she never filed a certain report that could be quite damaging.

Will this report end up coming out anyways? Or will Aria be able to stop it? Those are the burning questions for that storyline. Unfortunately, we didn't get an answer to any of them in this clip. Hopefully, we'll get them in this particular episode.

Lastly, they show us a one-by-one glimpse of all the "Liar" girls which sets up for them to tell us that one of them is going to get engaged!

The obvious questions here is — who is getting engaged? Are they planning on ending the series with a big wedding? One thing's for sure, that storyline sounds like it will certainly give us some very shocking and dramatic scenes to look forward to.

Marco questions her

This second clip gives us a solo scene that involves none other than Spencer. Marco is seen questioning her.

He asks her if her interest in him has anything to do with her suddenly needing a cop in her corner.

Spencer replies by telling him,"If you have anything real to ask me, you can do it in your office under florescent lights and I promise you it will not be me who's embarrassed."

After that, Spencer stares at him as he drives off.

Greeted by Mary Drake

From here, things get real sticky for her because she's greeted by Mary Drake who puts her hand over her mouth and telling her to drive.

Where is Mary taking her? That is the big question for this scenario as well as the ones mentioned before.

Be sure to check out the new clips below. Episode 17 is due out on Tuesday night, June 6 at 7 p.m. ET on Freeform. Stay tuned.

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