Netflix recently announced the upcoming arrival of "The Dark Crystal" prequel series entitled "The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance." Along with it, the prominent streaming site released its trailer featuring the original film's director, Jim Henson. The forthcoming show will once again center around the world of Thra and is to feature new adventures for the viewers to enjoy. Also, the journey of three Gelfling will be shown in 10-episodes ordered by Netflix. Along with this, NowYouSeeMe director Louis Leterrier will direct and be one of the show's executive producers as well.

Lisa Henson on 'The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance'

According to earlier reports, the three Gelfling will find out the petrifying truth behind Skeksis’ power. In result, they will decide to go on an epic journey and set the spirit of rebellion ablaze. They will be aiming to save their world. “Louis Leterrier is passionate about the world of ‘The Dark Crystal’ and has an incredible creative vision for the series," said Lisa Henson. She is the CEO of The Jim Henson Company, the original helmer's daughter.

She believes that the famous streaming site gives great respect for her father’s original creation. This is along with the fans that the film had inspired. In addition, her faith is firm that Leterrier and Netflix's team up will bring great results.

After all, this project is not only for the new fans but also to those who have been loyal to the original film and people who are patiently waiting for updates.

Who will work behind the scene?

Of course, The Jim Henson Company will be producing the series. Executive producers also include Halle Stanford and CEO Lisa Henson. While Henson’s Blanca Lista will co-executive produce, Rita Peruggi also serves as a producer.

She has been known as Henson's long-time collaborator. Co-executive producers namely Jeffrey Addiss, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, and Will Matthews will lead the scribe.

Meanwhile, the original film was launched in 1982. Frank Oz worked alongside Henson for the movie. The film starring voice actors Billie Whitelaw, Lisa Maxwell, Percy Edwards and Stephen Garlick revolves around the life of an elf-like Gelfling named Jen.

He aims to restore the balance in the alien world. TheDarkCrystal grossed 40 million US dollars and the Netflix series can hopefully receive as much love than what the original movie has achieved. Watch out for more updates!