Although fans of Korean star Lee Min Ho are aware of his hiatus from acting, many of them still ended up broken hearted. Since he will be away for a long time, the "Boys Over Flowers" actor has a promise for his fans around the globe.

Lee Min Ho recently started his Military Service and upon his arrival at the Gangnam District Office in Seoul, fans were waiting for him outside. The star was wearing a face mask and he stops to shake hands with some of them. People were taking pictures and videos of him to capture his last smile before he disappears from the spotlight.

With a huge number of followers around the world including Asia and America, Lee Min Ho will surely be missed.

Military service

The "Legends of the Blue Sea" actor started his mandatory military service on May 12. Unlike other celebrities, he was not required to go straight to Nonsan Military Training Camp due to the result of his physical exam. It can be recalled that the star suffered in a car accident in 2006 when he was just 19-years-old.

In the said accident, two of his high school friends died but he survived along with fellow actor Jung IL Woo. Lee Min Ho fell into a coma for a month and stayed in the hospital for nearly a year. He suffered bone fractures in his right thigh and ankle and a torn cartilage in the knee.

Aside from that, he was involved in another accident in 2011 while filming "City Hunter" where he suffered minor injuries. Because of this, he is exempted from serving on active duty and was assigned as a public service worker. He will be serving for two years wherein the first month is for a basic training at a military camp.

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He will work for eight hours a day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a one-hour lunch break since he needs to complete 40 hours of service in a week.

A promise for his fans

Months prior to his military service admission, Lee Min Ho expressed his sadness about being away from the spotlight. But according to him, what saddens him most is not the fact that he will enlist but that he is already at the end of his 20's.

In an interview with Star Magazine, he said that he thought that he was just totally cool about it and that it is just nothing. But he admitted that he feels sad that he enlisted late. Despite that, the Korean star found a positive side of being in the military service at the end of his 20's. He said if he started early, he wouldn't be part of "Boys Over Flowers" and he wouldn't be happy. In the end, he believes that it was a good choice to start later.

He also admitted that it would be a challenge for him especially that his routine will be changed. And of course, he never forgets about his fans saying that he is glad to get some love even from overseas. With that, he has a promise for his global fans since he can feel their sadness and support.

He said that he will definitely come back healthy and he will heal his fans with a great project.

So even if Lee Min Ho won't be seen in the small screens for two years, his fans will surely wait for his come back. While waiting, fans can watch the MBC nature documentary “DMZ, the Wild,” which he filmed from October 2015 to March 2017 and is set to air in June. Before his enlistment, he worked for Korean cosmetics brand Innesfree in Jeju Island and a commercial for coffee brand Georgia Gotica.