Talk about 19 shades of hypocrisy: TLC may be returning sex addict Josh Duggar to "Counting On." The oldest of "19 Kids and Counting" brought down Jim Bob's and Michelle Duggar's reality TV show in a blaze of shame. Now, after adultery, cyber-cheating, porn star hookups and pedophilia admissions, TLC wants Duggar back. And the cash-strapped cheater wants back on reality television too. Did Anna Duggar have something to do with it? How about Josh's string-pulling father Jim Bob?

Josh Duggar rehabilitated from sex addiction?

When the fundamentalist Christian morality-preaching Duggars were found to be harboring a pedophile son, did folks make with the Pharisee jokes.

The sex scandal went deeper than just child molestation of five girls and incest with sisters. Josh Duggar had two confirmed Ashley Madison cyber-adultery accounts. He stole the identity of an L.A. deejay and had a pornography addiction and porn star mistress in Danica Dillon. The eldest of "19 Kids and Counting" went to rehab but didn't finish treatment. Counselors doubted his recovery but now he may return to "Counting On" like nothing ever happened.

Josh and Anna Duggar broke and pregnant?

Since the sex scandal ripped "19 Kids and Counting" apart, Josh has been having trouble finding work. No one, including his former employers at the anti-LGBT advocacy group, want to touch a pedophile. Josh's used car lot isn't faring well either.

And now, the Duggars are pregnant with their fifth child. Both are under 30, relatively uneducated and unemployable, so the cash-strapped couple needs their reality television earnings. Plus, sources say Josh can't fund his growing family on a real job. Getting back in TLC's good graces and back on "Counting On" is job one.

TLC takes Josh Duggar to get Anna Duggar?

The Learning Channel does really well from "Counting On". Viewers' favorite parts are the love lives of the "19 Kids and Counting." Every time Jana Duggar is reportedly dating someone, ratings skyrocket. Folks eat up the weddings and pregnancies of Derick and Jill Dillard, Ben and Jessa Seewald and Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo.

TLC would love to feature Anna Duggar welcoming her fifth baby. And to get Anna means they take back Josh. Anna doesn't want her kids on TV but is it her decision to make?

Jim Bob Duggar calls the shots

It seems that Jim Bob Duggar is more than just the patriarch of "19 Kids and Counting." After covering up his son's pedophilia, and forcing TLC to pull the reality TV show's plug, Duggar is still in charge in "Counting On." The show promised to just cover the families of Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald and Jinger Duggar Vuolo plus courtships of Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth and any others who may be engaged. But the Christian Post reports that Jim Bob has been bugging TLC to get Josh and family back on reality television. After the crippling sex scandal, you'd think the dad of 19 would be more humble but apparently he's not.