In the last chapter of the "Injustice 2" comics, the prison in which Superman is being held captive lost power. Superman, whose powers were being contained by the red sun energy, therefore had the opportunity to break free. Batman, however, insists that the prison is most likely under attack, as it would not lose power otherwise.

Now that Chapter 5 has been released; readers can find out what happens to Superman and the other heroes.

Superman leaves his cell

With the red sun energy no longer restricting him, Superman easily breaks the glass surrounding his cell.

As Superman leaves his confinement, it is revealed that the evil Batman and his Suicide Squad are behind the attack on the prison. At this point in the comics, it remains unclear who this Batman is, but he could be the Dark Knight of an alternate universe.

The evil Batman then continues his onslaught on the prison, while this world's Batman prepares to confront Superman. Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Batgirl are initially against the idea of Batman stopping Superman by himself.

Batman, however, insists that he won't be confronting the Man Of Steel alone and orders the three superheroes to defend the prison from the Suicide Squad.

Killer Croc and Deadshot fight against the heroes

Killer Croc, who is in the process of viciously savaging a prison guard, is attacked by the trio of superheroes.

Green Arrow shoots the villain in the shoulder, and Black Canary unleashes her Canary Cry to subdue him. Batgirl then finishes Killer Croc off with a powerful kick that sends him flying into the wall.

While trying to question Killer Croc, Deadshot sneaks up on the heroes, breaks Green Arrow's bow, and holds them at gunpoint.

Surprisingly, Harley Quinn interferes and smashes Deadshot in the head with a baseball bat. Harley Quinn is surprised to see Green Arrow and Black Canary alive and proceeds to hug them.

Batman confronts Superman

Back inside the prison, Batman stands in front of Superman and orders the Kryptonian to get back in his cell. The Man of Steel, of course, declines and looks set to attack the Caped Crusader with a laser beam.

Batman, however, keeps calm and tells his former Justice League colleague to listen to the voice inside his head.

Superman insists that his conscience is clear but, surprisingly, hears a voice inside his head. This voice turns out to be Atom, who has infiltrated Superman's body and stood on top of his brain.

Atom, who carries a knife made out of kryptonite, then threatens to incapacitate Superman permanently, should he refuse to return to his cell. The chapter ends on an enticing cliffhanger, as it remains to be seen whether the combined forces of Batman and Atom will be enough to stop the nigh invulnerable Superman.