Do you think Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would make a good President of the United States? While he was clearly joking, The Rock talked about running for POTUS during his monologue with Tom Hanks. This joke that Johnson would run for President appeared during the Season 42 Finale of “Saturday Night Live” (or “SNL” for short). The episode was hosted by The Rock, and it marked his fifth time as host of the show.

He said he’d run with Tom Hanks

“The Rock” targeted some of the mistakes Donald Trump and his administration have made recently that could cause the Trump administration to come to an end before the four years are up.

Johnson talked about how rumors and speculation had begun to surface that he was actually planning on running for President in 2020. Then, Dwayne took the joke a step further and said he would have Tom Hanks as his running mate. In all seriousness, would “The Rock” and Tom Hanks really be a worse combination than Donald Trump and Mike Pence? Probably not.

Alec Baldwin vouched for himself

Alec Baldwin appeared on the “SNL” stage and made an attempt to convince Dwayne Johnson he would be the perfect running mate. Johnson, however, decided to ignore Baldwin as he had his eyes on someone else – Tom Hanks. This was when everyone was taken by surprise when none other than Tom Hanks also made an appearance during this episode of “SNL.”

Tom accepted the request made by “The Rock” and noted that American needed him and Johnson to run.

Hanks noted that he has been in two plane crashes and yet people still seem to get excited every time he happens to be on the plane with them.

Johnson decided to take another jab at Donald Trump when he talked about how he hadn’t really thought he was qualified to be President of the United States. After all, being a celebrity shouldn’t translate into being able to be POTUS.

Given the fact that Trump was able to do it, Johnson took the joke a step further and noted that he could actually be a little over qualified for the position.

Hanks chimed in with the fact that he and “The Rock” were sure to get all of the votes if they ran for POTUS. Then, he noted that the duo would obviously have the support from senior citizens as well as World War II veterans as he had fought in World War II at least ten different times during his career as an actor.

While it was definitely a joke, one can only wonder whether or not Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Tom Hanks would do a better job than Donald Trump and Mike Pence.