President Donald Trump really needs to be more careful about what he says on Twitter. Unfortunately, it appears that yet another old tweet has come back to haunt him.

Is he being a hypocrite?

The Telegraph reports that In 2015, Donald Trump took to Twitter to slam Michelle Obama – who was the First Lady of the United States at the time – for not covering her hair during a trip to Saudi Arabia. He commented on the fact that he didn’t understand why so many people were praising Michelle for her choice not to wear the scarf. He also insinuated that First Lady Obama was trying to create more enemies through her decision not to wear a scarf.

His wife and daughter recently did the same thing

The problem with this tweet slamming Michelle Obama for what so many people had praised her for, was the fact that his wife Melania and his daughter Ivanka have recently done the exact same thing. The POTUS, along with Melania and Ivanka Trump visited the Islamic nation over the weekend and a lot of people pointed out the fact that neither women covered their hair.

In fact, Melania Trump was wearing a loose-fitted conservative outfit that was similar to what Michelle Obama wore during her trip in 2015.

This was the same outfit Donald Trump slammed her for wearing. Ivanka Trump was wearing a long-sleeved floral dress that extended to just slightly above her ankles. Naturally, the question on most peoples’ minds at this point is why was it alright for Melanie and Ivanka to wear the clothing they were wearing when it was such a mistake for Michelle Obama to wear basically the same thing two years ago?

Does Donald Trump just think his family is special?

Twitter has exploded

As one can imagine, Twitter – and really all forms of social media – exploded shortly after pictures of the Trump’s trip surfaced on the Internet. People were all too quick to point out how much of a hypocrite Donald Trump was for allowing his wife and daughter to do something that he had slammed Michelle for doing just two years prior.

Does Donald just like to stir the pot? Does he think differently to he did two years ago? Or, perhaps, does he just have absolutely no control – or input – on the clothing his wife and daughter opted to wear during the trip. More importantly, is he really just the hypocrite everyone is claiming he is?

While Saudi Arabia does have strict dress codes in place for women, foreign diplomats, as well as politicians, are not required to abide by these rules. So, why did Donald Trump think it was such a mistake for Michelle not to wear a head scarf two years ago?