Since the moment Netflix decided to renew one of their more controversial original series for a second season, people have been wondering what will be included in Season 2 of “13 Reasons Why.” One of the biggest questions that has been surfacing is: could Selena Gomez – the executive producer of the series – make an actual appearance in the series?

Amy Hargreaves thinks an appearance is unlikely

Amy Hargreaves is the name of the actress who plays Clay Jensen’s mother in the series. Amy believes there is very little chance Selena Gomez will make an appearance in the next installment of “13 Reasons Why,” which should premiere sometime next year.

Hargreaves told ABC News she believed adding Gomez to the cast of the series would ruin the show. She claimed it would make too many people focus on Selena instead of the story the series was trying to show. Would adding Selena Gomez to the cast really be that big a mistake?

A recap on the series

As those who have already watched season 1 of “13 Reasons Why” know, the series follows a high school student named Hannah Baker who committed suicide. Before killing herself, she leaves behind 13 cassette tapes and specific instructions which explain why she made the decision she did.

Gomez originally planned to make a movie

Selena Gomez and her mother Mandy Teefey originally bought the rights to the “13 Reasons Why” novel back in 2007. The mother and daughter duo had planned to turn the young adult novel into a movie and Selena Gomez was going to play the role of Hannah.

About a month ago, however, Selena revealed that she decided to take a behind-the-scenes approach to “13 Reasons Why” because the book and the following it had terrified her. Given the fact that Selena had already backed out of her original plan to star in a movie adaption of the book, it seems unlikely that she would even want to take on a guest role in the series.

Despite Selena’s lack of interest in having a role in “13 Reasons Why” and Amy Hargreaves being pretty confident she won’t make an appearance in season 2, Gomez is still very passionate about the series and the story it tells. The series has stirred a lot of controversy and received a lot of backlash as many question whether or not it glorifies suicide and sends the wrong message to teenagers.

Both Selena Gomez and Netflix, however, have stood behind “13 Reasons Why” and the story it tells.

Are you excited about season 2 of “13 Reasons Why?” Do you think adding Selena Gomez to the cast would be a mistake?

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