Disney's latest movie from Pixar, 'cars 3,' debuts June 16th in theaters. As Disney continues to release new trailers, the studio reveals the latest details of the story line. In the latest 'Cars 3' trailer called Rivalry, Pixar promises a Rocky like showdown.

The Rocky like showdown in 'Cars 3'

Deadline reported that Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, is getting ready for a new round of training as he prepares to take on Jackson Storm, voiced by Armie Hammer. The new training will include high-tech wind tunnels and virtual reality for his latest showdown.

'Cars 3' debuts six years after its predecessor, and 11 years after the original 'Cars' debuted in theaters. It is directed by Brian Fee and Bob Patterson, and the script was written by Mike Rich.

Empire Online reported that the latest 'Cars' movie is an attempt to bring back into the fold those who didn't like the second 'Cars' movie. The latest trailer not only gives moviegoers a chance to get a glimpse at the showdown that will take place, but it also gives them a glimpse into the whole film. Not only does McQueen have to face a Jackson Storm, he faces a whole host of new millennial racers.

Lightning McQueen is no longer the speedy newcomer he once was. Now he is being challenged by newer and faster cars like Jackson Storm.

After McQueen is involved in a nasty crash, he realizes that he will have to make changes in his life and career in order to stay competitive in racing. In an attempt to stay competitive, McQueen asks for the help of savvy small business owner Sterling, voiced by Nathan Fillion, who runs a high-tech facility that can give McQueen the training he needs to get back into the racing game.

At the training facility, McQueen meets an unconventional trainer named Cruz Ramirez that shows McQueen that the key to winning his races might be to outsmart his opponents rather than just trying to go faster.

Driverless cars and modern racing

Polygon reported that 'Cars 3' takes on bigger issues than just the world of racing.

Now technology is playing a huge part in the world of modern racing, and it includes driverless cars. McQueen doesn't have the advantages of his opponent Jackson Storm, who is outfitted with the most advanced technology to help him win on the racetrack. McQueen faces the toughest challenge of all, and that's becoming obsolete in a world that is governed by the advancement of technology, and he might not be able to keep up.This leaves many questions for fans as driverless cars become a real question for the sport of Formula One racing. Fans will have much to discuss until the movie debuts in June. Fans can watch new footage that gives a glimpse into the characters.