Brad Pitt intends to make it right with Angelina Jolie. Following their Divorce announcement in September, the actor and father-of-six said he hopes to have a healthy relationship with his ex-wife. A source revealed to E! News that Brad Pitt is committed to making their divorce as smooth as possibly, while avoiding hostility in court for the sake of the children. So, the actor is doing all he can to ensure that this will be the case.

No one wins in a court battle

"I heard one lawyer say, 'no one wins in court -- it's just a matter of who gets hurt worse,'" Brad Pitt said, which made him realize that he needed to patch things up amicably with Angelina Jolie.

To start with, Brad Pitt already acknowledged his faults in the failed relationship when he opened up in a recent interview with GQ Magazine.

In it, he admitted that he has gone into therapy for substance abuse. He also admitted that having the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services on his case was another wake-up call. He claims he's in a good place since his rehabilitation.

Angelina Jolie's fun day with Shiloh

Meanwhile, after Brad Pitt's revelation, which received praise from the public for being "honest" and "candid," Angelina Jolie was spotted with Shiloh at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California. The mom and daughter pair were seen and photographed laughing and having a good time.

The actress also spoke with some of the people at the fair who said she looked great and appeared to be in high spirits.

Shiloh is the couple's biological child. Now 10-years-old, she's showing a love for the arts just like her parents. Aside from photography, Shiloh is also learning to play the ukulele and was spotted buying the instrument with her mom at the fair.

The memories of an 11-year relationship are hard to dissolve, and as the kids are mainly with their mom, where does the actor go from here?

Sources close to Brad Pitt said he's immersing himself in work. As he's fixing his family life and his public image, he's set to promote his next movie "War Machine" that will debut on Netflix. The actor is also set to star in "Ad Astra" -- a space thriller.

Brad Pitt has been in this boat before, with his other high-profile divorce from Jennifer Aniston. The difference now is, the actor had someone to lean on when he split from his first wife -- he had Angelina Jolie.