The entertainment industry has brought us some of the best Fight Scenes in TV Shows we have ever seen and no doubt 2017 and beyond will have a lot to live up to. Let's take a look at some of the best and awesome fight scenes that made us cry, laugh, and fume with anger.

This splendid list will contain the likes of "Game of Thrones," "Hannibal," and much more.

'Person of Interest: Root vs. Assassins'

In the episode that is called "Prophets," Samantha "Root" Grooves stood strong against a group of assassins who were out to kill Jason Rittler. The scene is quite interesting because the assassins were using surveillance cameras as their aids, and despite this, Root still managed to kick some serious butt.

Want to see some awesome dual-wielding firearm action? "Person of Interest" has you covered.

'Game of Thrones: Brienne of Tarth vs. The Hound'

What could possibly be more awesome than the Hound going up against Brienne? Two big sluggers with huge swords intent on killing each other never gets boring. Admittedly, some of us were surprised when Brienne walked away as the victor, and The Hound lay there dying in a pool of his own blood.

'The Flash: Flash vs. The Arrow'

Comic-book fanboys have been waiting with baited breath to see how the battle between the Arrow and The Flash would turn out. It wasn't as impressive as we thought it would be, but it filled the void and that is all the fans wanted.

The episode after this one was much better.

'Game of Thrones: The Mountain vs. The Viper'

We already knew how this battle was going to end, but, the writers made us believe things would have turned out differently. This was truly a spectacular fight that kept us at the edge of our seats. We have to give props to that ending, for it was brutal, even for "Game of Thrones," and we loved it for that very reason.

'Arrow: Oliver Queen vs. Ra's al Ghul'

When we realized that Oliver would go up against the great "demon" in one-on-one combat, we thought the writers would have toned down the fight and allow Oliver to win. They already chose to allow both men to fight without their shirts on in the bracing cold for The CW female audiences, so anything could have happened.

Fortunately, for real fans of the DC lore, Oliver lost the fight in spectacular fashion.

'Hannibal: Hannibal vs. Jack'

We love it when the villains are the lead characters and this is one of the main reason why "Hannibal" is so awesome. Hannibal Lecter is not a man to be trifled with because he'll kill you and have you for dinner.

In this particular episode, the finale to season 2 of the show, Hannibal was forced to go up against Jack. This battle took a long time, and it gave us chills when both men began to brawl. The ending of this fight and the whole episode was shocking, but not surprising where Hannibal is concerned because he got away.

'Marco Polo: Hundred Eyes vs Jia Sidao'

Not many folks are watching the exclusive Netflix series, "Marco Polo," and with good reason.

It is watchable, but not something one wants to run home to see on a weekly basis. However, despite the problems facing the show, the fight scenes keep us smiling.

The battle between Hundred Eyes and Jia Sidao was nothing short of impressive. These two men are the only reason to watch this, but with one now dead, we just have to hope that the other can carry everything on his shoulders.