The suicide bombing at the pop concert of Ariana Grande in Manchester Arena took 22 lives and most of the victims were youngsters who had come to enjoy the evening and whose mutilated bodies lay scattered at the venue. The tragic incident happened at the end of the entertainment program when the fans were on their way out.

After the bombing, the pop star had put on hold her 'Dangerous Woman' world tour and canceled a number of her shows in Europe. She is from the U.S. and went back to Florida to get over the shock. However, she has now assured her fans that she would return to Manchester to hold a benefit gig.

Her world tour is expected to restart on 7 June in Paris.

Ariana announces a benefit gig

Sky News reports that the suicide bombing in Manchester was a traumatic experience for her because no one wants to come face to face with death at a venue for entertainment. The suicide bomber set off the explosive device in the midst of fans who were leaving at the end of her show at the Manchester Arena. The death toll was twenty two.

Obviously, it was a shock to her but Ariana Grande has assured her fans that she will return to Manchester and hold a benefit gig for victims of the tragedy. The purpose will be to raise funds for the victims and their families.

She appreciated the resolve of the people to wipe out the sad memories and said that the way they have bonded is diametrically opposite to the evil intentions of those who carried out the bombing.

The message that she has passed on is that hate cannot win, neither can it divide the people. Her concert was supposed to be a safe space for her fans to enjoy music and be themselves and that should be the spirit. Music brings people together and they flock to her concerts because music is something everyone can share. It has the power to heal and bridge gaps between people.

The after effects of the bombing

The suicide bomber is identified and dead and several people who were associated with the bombing have been taken into custody by the police in London and Tripoli. From available evidence it is presumed that a terror network was active and had planned the tragedy that struck the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Arena.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing and as they usually target crowded places to carry out their terror attacks, the security mechanism has been beefed up in Britain as well as in the United States and future venues are getting additional protection. The worst part is the inability of the counter terrorism setups to predict such attacks.

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