Heidi Klum shared Mother's Day with her beloved brood of four. They are all growing up, but not too old for having some old-fashioned fun at Disneyland.

The stunning mom has been out talking up her summer swimsuit and admits she's not embarrassed about shedding the top of her bikini. She explains that her designs are about women being comfortable with their bodies, no matter the shape.

Speaking of tops, Heidi was total couture wearing her Minnie Mouse ears at the “happiest place on earth." She has been devoting herself to some meaningful causes, and keeps the family bonds going on “America's Got Talent.

Klum's devotion to pediatric AIDS and other causes

Heidi Klum is always on the go as a mom to Helen a.k.a “Leni”,12, Henry,11, Johan,10, and Lou, 7. Because of her gratitude for having a healthy and growing family, Heidi Klum has devoted time to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation for more than 15 years. She has been a regular visitor to programs and events in New York and Los Angeles.

Elizabeth Glaser, wife of actor, Paul Michael Glaser, contracted HIV through a blood transfusion in 1981, while giving birth to their daughter, Ariel. Her foundation started after her daughter's passing and has raised $35 million in support of families. Its mission is to create a world “where no child has AIDS.”

Heidi Klum and family have attended many of the Time for Heroes festivals at various locations, she explained in People.

This year's event will be October 29 in Los Angeles. Heidi’s kids enjoy “going in these gigantic balls, and they get tossed around.” The festival is a pain-free way to give and have great fun at the same time.

Perfect stand-in

Heidi Klum and ex-husband, Seal, have never lost love for each other. They keep their kids their first priority. The "America's Got Talent" judge recently called on her silk-voiced co-parent for additional duties on the show when a guest celebrity judge canceled.

Heidi has Seal’s number on speed dial.

“I knew he was in town, and he would do a great job,” praised Klum.

The singer did a better job than he realized, as Simon Cowell teased that he would edit out Seal’s comments and use them himself. Seal and Heidi may be seeing each other more often on “America's Got Talent” after such a good impression.

Sisterhood is strong

Heidi Klum reminded that “I knew Mel B long before ‘America's Got Talent.’” It's no wonder the two judges have bonded even more through the painful months of the Spice Girl’s ugly divorce from Stephen Belafonte.

“The work is good for her,” suggests Klum. “When you're going through something, it helps to stay busy, and seeing the good, and the bad, on ‘America's Got Talent’ keeps her going in a good way.”

Tyra Banks is another old friend of Heidi Klum, and there is sure to be fun and extra girl-on-girl hijinks as Tyra takes on hosting duties on NBC's popular talent show.

“America's Got Talent” Season 12 premieres May 30 on NBC.

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