According to The Guardian, ‘Wild Horses’ and several other short films will compete for a prize at Cannes. ‘Wild Horses’ is directed and produced by a Scottish filmmaker, Rory Alexander Stewart. The movie has been picked up from over 2,500 entries for the Cinéfondation emerging talent category. The other entries include “Katto” by Teppo Airaksinen, “A Drowning Man” by Mahdi Fleifel, “Lunch Time” by Alireza Ghasemi, “Across My Land” by Fiona Godivier, and “Push It” by Julia Thelin. Rory looks excited as his 26-minute movie is one of the short films that have been picked up for a prize.

This 27-year-old filmmaker studied at the National Film and Television School. He earned a master’s degree in mass communication before starting as a director.

‘Wild Horses’

Wild Horses” is an upcoming Scottish-American film by Rory Alexander Stewart. Alex Ranarivelo has co-produced the project, and the story is written by Christina Moore and Brian Rudnick. The cast includes Stella Davis, Sharon Stone, Tommy Flanagan, Jason Lewis, Dorian Brown, and Tom Williamson. Stewart announced the project in August 2015 at a festival in California. It is set to release this July. Stella Davis plays a widow who works hard to earn a living. She loves the wild horses that wander onto her property the whole day.

Stella fights against prejudice and greed of the society and finds that nothing is better than helping all living creatures. Alex Ranarivelo previously produced the horse drama film “Running Wild” based on a novel by Brian Rudnick. There are rumors that the story of “Wild Horses” is similar to “Running Wild,” but the filmmaker claims that it’s an entirely different project.

ESX Entertainment acquires the movie rights

Rory has sold the distribution rights to ESX Entertainment for $6 million. He previously hired Sharon Stone to play the main villain role in the film, but now he is playing the lead role opposite Stella Davis. And Tom Williamson has played the main villain. The heart of the movie is a straightforward relationship between humans and animals.

Rory Alexander Stewart says we should love animals as they add beauty and value to our environment. He has plans to develop a feature script based on the novel by Nick Park, but nothing is confirmed.

The competition comprises of 16 short films, selected from over 2,500 entries. Cristian Mungui, the president at the festival, says though Stewart’s short film is an excellent story it is impossible to say whether the project will win the prize or not. “Pépé le morse” by Lucrèce Andreae and Caïmans Productions is also competing for the same prize. This 15-minute film is about a young boy and his mourning family.