"The White Princess" is about the marriage and reign of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII, ending the War Between the Roses. The mothers of the king and queen fight for power while Elizabeth Woodville, Elizabeth of York's mother, plots to get rid of King Henry Vii and put another York on the throne. There is a possibility that one of the princes that went to the Tower and later disappeared wasn't a real prince at all, and so there may be another Yorkist prince that Elizabeth Woodville can use to replace Henry.

Tension continues between Elizabeth of York and Henry VII

Henry plans a journey across England in order to cement his right to the throne. Things don't go according to plan while Henry is gone. He leaves Elizabeth behind. During his journey, a plague breaks out, and the people are starting to die. Elizabeth breaks into the treasure room of the palace and gives gold to the people while spending money for physicians and food for the people. Although the Queen Mother urges Henry to punish her, Henry thanks her and says that they need to unite to build the kingdom.

Later, Elizabeth allows Henry to feel their baby kicking before she goes into confinement to give birth. Henry is also attacked, and there is an attempt to assassinate him, ending his venture early and putting his throne in jeopardy.

As Henry and Elizabeth grow closer, Margaret Beaufort's power seems to weaken.

The Queen Mother searches for the princes in the Tower

Margaret Beaufort wants to find out what happened to the princes in the Tower. They were locked in the tower during the reign of Richard III, and then they disappeared. It is unclear who got rid of the princes, although Richard is the main suspect, as it would have cemented his right to the throne.

She sends soldiers to the Woodville estate to look for the missing son as there are rumors that only one of the princes actually died. She orders that all boys at the estate be killed to get rid of the second son in case he is hiding there.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Woodville plots to remove King Henry VII from the throne. She is suspected of plotting against the king, and she is imprisoned within the castle and not allowed to leave until Henry returns.

Continuing to send messages to loyal Yorkists, she pricks her finger and uses the blood to write the messages on cloth. The Earl of Warwick, Teddy, is imprisoned in the Tower of London because he is seen traveling through the city while being cheered by the people. The Queen Mother, fearing that Teddy is a threat to the throne, gives the order in Henry's name to have him imprisoned.