In various cities across the United States on Saturday, thousands of protesters gathered for the event known as the "Tax March" where they called for the release of Donald Trump's Tax returns. While the president has not responded, author Stephen King made sure to take his shot at Trump during a critical message on social media.

King on Trump

Not long after Donald Trump stood on the floor of Trump Tower in the summer of 2015 and announced his plan to run for president, many wondered how the campaign would conflict with his business life. For the better part of the last four decades, Trump has been known as one of the most popular real estate moguls who parlayed that fame into a hosting gig on the hit TV show "The Apprentice." Due to Trump's well-known wealth, many have been curious about his financial history.

However, Trump has continued to hide his tax returns from the public, with many in the media reporting that there could be damaging information linking the president to Russia inside his financials. After three months in the White House that has been marred by constant controversy, including a growing scandal linking himself and his administration to the Kremlin, a protest was put together pushing for the release of his tax returns, with others using social media to give their thoughts. As seen on his Twitter feed on April 15, Stephen King didn't hold back his opinion over the issue at hand.

It's become commonplace for celebrities to use social media to voice their opposition to Donald Trump and the current state of American politics.

For legendary horror author Stephen King, he's used Twitter as his number weapon in pushing back at the White House, especially when it comes to Trump and his tax returns. "Come on, chickensh*t, if you're man enough to drop a mega-bomb on Afghanistan, you should be man enough to release your tax returns," King tweeted out on Saturday night.

Increased backlash

Stephen King's tweet comes after a week of increased social media bashing of the president by the author, who is not shy about his more liberal political leanings.

While King was vocal on the internet, others, like Sarah Silverman, were in attendance at a protest in New York City, and followed through with their demand of wanting Donald Trump to make his tax returns public to the American people. Despite the growing backlash, neither Trump nor the White House have offered an additional statement on the issue, and continue to claim that an IRS audit is preventing the president from moving forward.