Scheana Shay has said that she married Mike Shay with the intention of staying together forever. She wanted to stay true to her vows, but Scheana quickly learned that it was tough to do, as her husband wasn't being honest with her. While Scheana told all of her friends that her marriage was just fine, she was secretly struggling with the secret that Mike was staying late at the studio and not coming home. During the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion, Scheana revealed that her marriage had been over for a long time and this explains why she was able to move on so quickly.

According to a new tweet, Scheana Shay is now revealing that she's not a bad person for moving on so fast. in fact, she moved on because she was emotionally ready. Plus, it sounds like the guy she's dating is someone she had known for a long time, and he was there to catch her when she needed it.

Scheana Shay cheated on her ex-husband?

For months, Scheana has faced rumors that she cheated on her ex-husband, just because she moved on with a man who she had known for years. However, she's standing firm; she never cheated. And she points out that she stayed true to her vows, whereas Mike decided to lie to her. When people felt bad for him, rumors surfaced that she had lied and cheated on him before the Divorce papers were filed.

“It's funny ppl just assume I had an affair Bc I moved on 2 mos later w an amazing man I've known for a decade. Happiness has no [timeline]!” Scheana Shay revealed on Twitter. One fan came to her defense about the cheating rumors, writing, “Absolutely!!! You were just at the right time in your life for the right person Good for you Sweetie! Have an affair? NEVER!!!”

And as fans saw on the show, Scheana tried to give Mike the benefit of the doubt by asking him to come clean.

When he failed to do so, she decided to end the marriage.

Did Scheana Shay move too fast?

Scheana told her estranged husband that she was already dating someone new during the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion. He was shocked to learn that he knew the guy she was dating, as he followed him on Instagram. And while Mike threw it back in her face, saying he wasn't dating because he was technically married, many viewers felt that she had moved too fast. However, if she was emotionally ready to date, she didn't see a reason to hold back.

What do you think of Scheana Shay's tweet about being faithful? Do you think she moved on too fast, or do you think she was ready for another relationship because Mike had checked out of the marriage already and had left her behind at home so often?