Hey, "Agents Of SHIELD" peeps. We've got some very alarming-sounding spoilers scoops for you, this week, for the upcoming episode 20 of season, straight from the latest ABC press release. They're telling us that Daisy and Jemma Simmons have, apparently, just been in this crazy framework environment too got damn long, because time is running out very quickly! If that's not enough. some of the team members still aren't ready to leave the fake environment that they've been led to believe is real, and more!

"Farewell, Cruel World" is the name

They also gave us a very descriptive title for this installment.

It's named: "Farewell, Cruel World!" They got this official synopsis session started by telling us, in all caps, that it's going to be the freaking end of SHIELD's world! Say what? That sounds pretty harsh. They went on to elaborate just a tiny bit more in this very vague description by telling us that the clock will certainly ticking fast for Daisy and Simmons, implying that they're about to freaking run out of time in the Aida-corrupted framework world!

A certain amount of time

They're saying that they will need to get the rest of their team out of the Framework in a certain amount of time, but they didn't explain exactly why that is. The big questions for this storyline, is will Daisy and Jemma be able to pull off this very difficult task in time?

What happens if they don't? Will they be stuck in there forever? The one thing we can certainly be sure of, is that this situation is getting even crazier by the minute, and we'll definitely be getting even more action, drama and suspense-filled scenes as this season gets closer to the big finale.

Even more difficult

We've got this one last teaser that tells us, certain team members won't be ready to leave the Framework, which will of course, make things even more difficult for Daisy and Simmons.

Will these two ladies be able to get the resistant team members to snap out of it, and get the hell out of there? Or will their minds just be lost forever inside this crazy maze? Those are some more big, big questions for this thing. Hopefully, they'll all get answered before this season ends, because we've only got two more episodes left after this one.

ABC only ordered 22 episodes for season 4.

Pointing a gun

Alright, so that's it for the synopsis, but we do have an official pic from episode 20 (above). Jemma is seen, pointing a gun at someone, again. She's really been handy with that thing inside the Framework. I kinda like it. The guest star list, reveals that we'll be seeing actress, Natalia Cordova-Buckley back in action as Yo-Yo in this one. It'll be interesting to see what she'll be doing. We'll see more of crazy and evil Aida as well. This episode was written by Brent Fletcher, and Vincent Misiano directed it. It's due to air on Tuesday night, May 2nd,2017 at 9pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.