Not everyone featured on "My 600-lb Life" ended up with a better life. Some of them still continue to struggle while others do not change at all. The recent episode of the show's "Where Are They Now" series featured Lupe Samano Donovan.

Viewers of the show first met Lupe and her husband Gilbert Donovan in 2016. The 600 lb woman suffers from different ailments which include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea and lymphedema on her groin area and left leg. Apart from that, she was also once addicted to drugs.

Lupe's struggle

Lupe refuses to go to places because she cannot use bathrooms in her friends and family's house. She also had a history of being stuck in a diner booth and she needed the help of the fire department in order to get out. It is also hard for her to get in and out of a car.

Her husband Gilbert helps her go to bed and to her wheelchair. Gilbert also brings her to church during Sundays to attend mass service. In everything she does, Gilbert is there for her.

Apparently, life has been hard for Lupe. She even went into a diabetic coma but managed to survive. Because of that episode, she was dubbed as "Ms. Miracle." But apart from Lupe, things are also difficult for Gilbert.

Lupe's weight loss

Before Lupe's story was shared on the small screen, she already tried different diets and diet pills. She even had her mouth wired so that she can only consume fluids. But none of these methods helped her to lose more than 100 pounds.

As of now, Lupe has already lost 150 pounds from the day she started dating her husband.

Since she lost so much weight, she needed skin surgery in order for her to fit in her clothes more comfortably. But despite her weight loss, she still struggles to get out of bed.

According to Dr. Younan Nowzardan, he thinks that Lupe's struggle is psychological since she already lost half of her weight. With that, she should be able to move well.

Is Gilbert leaving Lupe?

Apart from not being able to get out of bed despite her weight loss, Lupe is also bothered about her marriage with Gilbert. It appears that Gilbert, who became her caregiver, has developed bitterness towards her. Gilbert once posted on Twitter asking the fans to pray for him and Lupe since they are "going through it." Although he did not specify the matter, many speculated that the pair is facing a marriage problem.

Fans of the "My 600-lb Life" are speculating that Gilbert is already tired of all his sacrifices for Lupe. Do you think Lupe and Gilbert's marriage will survive? Will Gilbert stay with Lupe through her weight loss journey and her skin removal surgery?