Marvel is already the king of the box-office, and the studio has started developing Television Series. Soon, it has plans to dominate television networks with some fantastic series. Some of its shows are being considered for awards, including “Luke Cage,” “Jessica Jones,” and “Daredevil.” Freeform, on the other hand, is forefront in developing new TV Series in collaboration with Marvel. “Cloak & Dagger” is currently in the works, while the cast for “New Warriors” will soon be finalized.

Most prominent characters of ‘New Warriors’

The studio has announced its full lineup of characters for “New Warriors.”

Doreen – She is a fangirl with extraordinary powers.

She is physically strong, confident, and tough. She is energetic and bouncy, and the most prominent quality of Doreen is her optimism. She has a lot of characteristics to inspire others. She loves her pet squirrel, Tippy Toe, and brings it everywhere.

Craig Hollis – Craig also has some supernatural powers. It would not be wrong to say that he is the most attractive man alive. Craig Hollis is charming, tall, and handsome. He doesn’t like to make use of his powers. In fact, he's interested in getting rid of his supernatural powers.

Dwayne Taylor - Dwayne is a celebrity who runs a famous YouTube channel. He is strong, noble, honest, and intelligent. He is a successful entrepreneur who believes in justice.

He always tries to hide the fact that he belongs to a wealthy family.

Robbie Baldwin – He grew up watching his favorite cartoons and loves the idea of being a superhero. By nature, he is a kind and noble guy. But sometimes his overconfident nature causes problems for Baldwin.

Zack Smith – It is not possible for you to keep secrets from Zack.

He can easily predict what did you eat, where did you spend the night, and what’s going on in your mind. He’s basically a sweet and sincere person.

Deborah Fields – Deborah is a proud and funny female who is confidently out as a lesbian. She has lost many good things in life and learned how to take care of herself. She is the only one who does not feel the fear of putting her opinions.

'New Warriors'

"New Warriors" consists of 10 episodes and the first season is expected to premiere on Freeform in 2018. Previously, a series of the same name was aired on ABC Australia. It was created by Robert Connolly and Tony Briggs. It explored the elite world of professional athletes. The series was scripted by Jon Bell and Tracey Rigney, and co-produced by John Harvey. It featured Gordan Churchill, Nelson Baker, Ben Knight, and Reece Milne.