Marla Maples is the second wife of president Donald Trump. His Mar-a-lago resort in Palm Beach FL., was named for her. The former Mrs.Trump has been relatively silent since their divorce. According to "People Watch TV," when asked what she thought about her ex becoming the president, Ms. Maples gave an interesting answer. She said Donald Trump was the father of her daughter Tiffany, and she always supported her daughter. The Wrap reported that Marla and Tiffany tried unsuccessfully to obtain free services from a D.C. hair salon for the inauguration.

They were turned down.

The former Mrs. Trump was a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars," Season 22 in 2016. On March 31st of this year, it was announced that she will be hosting a "Dancing with the Stars" fundraiser in her hometown of Dalton, GA., On April 29th. Maples, who is a native of Whitfield County, will return to town to raise money for the Dalton chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.

The rise of Marla Trump

Ms. Maples says she met Donald Trump in 1985, while he was married to first wife Ivana. Trump divorced Ivana in 1992, and married Marla in 1993. Rumors persist that the two were having an affair while The Donald was still married to Ivana. Neither of them have ever confirmed this.

Marla and Donald were a hot item back in the day. They were constantly on the cover of reputable magazines, as well as tabloids. The couple split in 1999, after only 6 years of marriage.

Marla's current situation

According to "People TV Watch," Marla Maples is currently into alternative religion. She released a new age album in 2013 entitled "The Endless," which features the 14th Dali Lama and Deepak Chopra.

Maples also practices Kabballah, which is rooted in Jewish mysticism. Celebrities such as Madonna are involved in this religion. "People TV Watch" quoted Maples as saying that the Kabballah helped her get over her breakup with The Donald. She credits practicing this ancient art with helping her to take personal responsibility and stop feeling like a victim.