joss whedon used to be known as the purveyor of great TV shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly” as well as the director of the first two “Avengers” movies, successful renditions from the Marvel Comics universe. Now Whedon has become known as someone who says crazy things about Republicans in general and Donald Trump in particular. According to PJ Media, Whedon offered a condemnation on Twitter of a drive in Chechnya and added, “and it's where we're headed if we don't unite and act.” In other words, the president is plotting a gay holocaust.

The problem is that Trump is probably the most gay-friendly president in American history, having always supported same-sex marriage, even before Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton decided that it would be politically prudent to do so. (Ironically, another Republican who was an early supporter of same-sex marriage was none other than former Vice President Dick Cheney.)

Trump has appointed numerous openly Gay People to his administration and counts as one of his top economic advisors openly gay Silicon Valley mogul Peter Thiel. Hardly the sort of person one should suspect of opening gay death camps.

Chechnya, by the way, is denying that it is conducting a purge of gay people. Like Iran, the country claims that such people do not exist within their borders.

It should also be noted that Chechnya and Iran and a number of other Muslims persecute LGBT people with great savagery. ISIS tosses them off the roofs of building and, if they somehow survive, stone them to death.

Whedon has previously opined that it would be hilariously funny if House Speaker Paul Ryan were to be sexually assaulted by a rhinoceros with its horn. That statement elicited a great many eye rolling and groans on social media as well.

Ironically, while Whedon is becoming unhinged about Trump and all of his works, he is running into criticism from some of the social justice warrior crowd for daring the direct a female superhero movie while male. He will likely do well with a standalone “Batgirl” movie if the feminazis will let him and if he does not have a psychotic break over imagined atrocities being plotted by the current president.

Perhaps Whedon should talk to someone about his issues about Trump. Whedon, like too many people in the entertainment industry, likely does not know a lot of conservative people. Perhaps if he were to have a dialogue with one or more of them, he would come to realize that people on the right are by and large reasonable and are not a real life version of the Reivers from “Firefly.” Indeed, the conservative/libertarian themes that he used in that iconic and far too short series would seem to know that he ought to know better,