Who wore sexy best, Jessa Seewald or Jinger Duggar? That's a question many thought they'd never have to answer. The "19 Kids and Counting" girls are grappling with modesty and fashion. While preaching modest dress, Jessa Duggar wore a skin-tight, sleeveless shirt and shorts. Meanwhile "Counting On" newlywed Jinger Vuolo sported pants instead of the standard issue Duggar skirt. Their clothing dilemma proves the hypocritical nature of "immodesty."

Jessa Seewald: modest is as modest does

The wife of Ben Seewald is giving talks to women on how to dress Biblically.

The former star of "19 Kids and Counting" learned at Michelle Duggar's knee how to rock the long skirts and dresses. Father Jim Bob Duggar styled this dress code for his wife and girls based on Old Testament injuctions against adorning oneself like the pagans. Jessa preaches on how to look holy but does she practice it? Instagram photos from the "Counting On" star show her in a shoulder-revealing, breast-hugging blouse and swim shorts.

Duggar hypocrisy?

So, Jessa Duggar wore baggy board shorts and a swim shirt? Big deal. Jinger Vuolo wore pants. Yes, it is a big deal in Duggar dogma. Showing skin on the shoulders, legs and belly is verboten, not to mention the boobs and butt. So Jessa didn't sport cleavage but in her clingy beach shirt, everything was on display like a wet T-shirt contest.

You could argue that all shirts show breasts. Are women supposed to tape them up? But that is exactly the arguement used against leggings and pants. They reveal that women have crotches. Jessa's attire is precisely what she would preach against. The Duggars hope modest clothing will prevent lust, pre-marital sex and lifestyles like fellow reality TV stars Kim Kardashian and her sisters.

But, the "19 Kids and Counting" clan has harbored one of the worst sex addicts in son Josh Duggar.

Jessa Seewald, Jinger Vuolo stuck in catch-22

Jinger and Jessa are a little looser than their parents. Married Jinger Vuolo wears pants and shorts -- albeit loose and knee-length. Is this immodest or just balanced? Scripture doesn't addess dresses because in Bible times, everyone wore them.

Pants weren't invented. In modern fashion, pants may be more modest than skirts, as they cover more. But the dilemma goes deeper. The "19 Kids and Counting" girls wear loads of makeup and lavishly style their hair. They say dolling up pleases God. But does that contradict Bible teaching to avoid ornamentation? No one cares if Jessa wears trousers or shows shoulder, unless she preaches against it. When the "Counting On" family makes up rules as they go, it opens them up to criticism. Folks demand that they be held to their own standards. This might be why they're called the worst hypocrites on reality television.