John Oliver from “This is Us” has been selected for an award. This actor has already made the headlines with his great performance in “Speechless,” “The Night Of,” and “Before the Flood.” “This is Us” is his fourth TV project which is likely to get him an award. In addition to this NBC series, HBO's sitcom “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” will be screened at the Annual Television Academy Honors. Leonardo DiCaprio is forefront for the annual competition. His projects “Before the Flood” and “Parenthood” will compete for an award. In addition, CNN’s documentary starring Freide Pinto and Meryl Streep will be screened at the main event.

President Mandy Moore says that she’s thrilled about the upcoming event as many big sitcoms and reality shows will premiere. Surely, there’s going to be a tough competition but John’s chances of winning a prize for “This is Us” are high.

‘This is Us’

This American series is developed by Dan Fogelman. Its first season was premiered in September 2016, on NBC. After the success of that season, NBC paid heavily to the production house for new episodes. Ron Cephas Jones, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Milo Ventimiglia, and Sterling K. Brown are returning from the previous season. The series received positive reviews and a nomination at the 74th Golden Globe Awards. Last year, it won an award at the 7th Critics' Choice Awards and the American Film Institute named it to be the best show.

Its stars received accolades, with Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz getting two Golden Globe and Sterling K. Brown receiving a SAG nomination for his excellent performance.

The story

The story is about several siblings who decide to support their parents and start looking for part-time jobs. One of them is hired as a bartender but the rest suggest that he should not continue the job as it’s full of risks.

Their parents, Jack and Rebecca, bring home three babies and ask them to take care of the little ones. New episodes weave through the stories of the past and present of the characters. The series is shot in New York City, Los Angeles, and New Jersey. The showrunners claim that “This is Us” will be aired on NBC this September.

Every year, the Television Academy Honors celebrate a wide range of programs that explore significant issues of our society. The purpose of the event is to honor the most interesting series of the year. It will be held on June 8, at the Montage Beverly Hills.