Netflix's new tv series '13 Reasons Why' has been a major topic of discussion on social media since the show was released. With more binge-watchers tuning in each day, it's clear to say that the novel turned series has impacted the new generation from obvious social media engagement about the show.

'13 Reasons Why' addresses suicide and other teen issues

The story centers around the new girl in town, Hannah, who runs into various life-changing situations while trying to make friends at her new high school. Hannah experiences rape, betrayal, cyber bullying and neglect before she decides to take her own life.

However, before deciding to make the decision, Hannah records the 13 Reasons Why she took her life on vintage cassette tapes that would be disbursed to each "reason" after her death.

The show is targeted towards teens and young adults making their way through high school before and after the death of Hannah.

'13 Reasons Why' is an important show for millennials. Here's why.

It does not sugarcoat the story of suicide

The show definitely carries a dark aura, I believe that is to give the viewers a sense of how the world feels to those who are suicidal. The issues Hannah faced are identical to the those we constantly hear teens battling daily, including some we actually don't hear about. It picks apart every aspect of her life down to her mindset to give an honest view of how her experiences affected her decision.The show even has the scene showing Hannah commit suicide on the last episode.

It may help viewers with their own relationships

The majority of Hannah's pain came from the people she befriended. Even after many attempts to seek help from the ones who knew her best, she was neglected. This provides evidence to show that we may not always value our loved ones and how we may turn a blind eye to the pain the people closest to us experience.

It helps those who have contemplated suicide know that they aren't alone

As horrendous at it may sound, suicide is growing rapidly within the millennial culture. Though we may have millions of followers, friends, or influencers on social media, we can still feel like our corner in the world is insignificant. Hannah's story reflects the loneliness that some people may feel when they aren't considered while seeking social acceptance.

It shows how the growing up stage affects some teens

From drug abuse, rape and assault '13 reasons Why' covers it all. Not only does it cover Hannah's story, but it goes into the lives of her classmates who are also battling their own issues. One character actually attempts suicide himself.

"13 Reason's Why" is sure to strike a lot of nerves and potentially save the lives of young adults contemplating suicide globally.