Blind Al will be back in the "Deadpool 2" cast. Leslie Uggams has been confirmed as one of Wade Wilson's possibly more overlooked side characters in the upcoming sequel. When the original "Deadpool" was leaked via online footage starring Ryan Reynolds in his now-iconic role, the internet was amazed.

His original turn as the character wasn't so well received. In "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," Ryan Reynolds played the role as accurately as he could, but the script and makeup artists had other plans. Instead of a cancer-ridden man saved from his condition with what was basically Wolverine's healing factor gone wrong, he'd been turned mute with his mouth sewn shut, and given a bunch of powers he shouldn't have had.

The "merc with a mouth" had been silenced, and fans of the character hated the movie for doing that. The five minutes Gambit actually appeared on screen didn't help for that character's fans either. Again, the actor was fine, but the people in charge didn't give the character the correct treatment.

'Deadpool' was a surprising return

It wasn't until after Ryan Reynolds' infamous car scene hit the internet that the world wanted to see him cast as a superhero again. As long as he had the right look and the canon was generally respected, we were willing to give him another chance. Reynolds delivered, threw in some riffs on his botched roles, and we loved it. The appearance of Blind Alfred, a character they could have easily left out, helped add a needed fan service and a dimension of detail, showing that Tim Miller cared enough to get it right.

Of course, it was so well done that nobody really cared that Blind Al was portrayed by a black woman. Leslie Uggams wore a white wig and enough of an attitude that she won us over in the role, proving that it didn't matter if the character was originally white with a wart on her chin.

Samuel L. Jackson did the same thing with Nick Fury back in 2008, and many of us can't imagine a white version of the character giving that same feeling to the character.

Tim Miller's departure might not mean anything

With so many returning cast members, and welcome additions such as Zazie Beetz in the role of Domino, and Josh Brolin as Cable, it appears that Deadpool fans will once again be in for a treat. With Uggams and T.J. Miller returning, even the minute details might not be worth worrying about.

Who knows? Director David Leitch might have Weasel finally getting around to making that teleporting belt buckle Deadpool is known for.